2012. № 55

Aviation technics and technology

Zherebin A. M., Kropova V. V., Rusak M. A.

Basic provisions of an offered approach to risks estimations of programs of aviation techincs realization are stated; the concept of the environment of network modeling as information and program tools of support and support of researches on an risks estimations and decision-making on risk management locates; results of modeling experiments with use of the developed and program realized pilot version of a complex of an assessment and optimization of temporary and cost parameters of network model of the aviation complex design project are given.

Keywords: risk, indicators of risk, risk management, risk analysis, project management, work breakdown structure, the network model, stochastic modeling, critical path method, the redistribution of the budget.

Efremov A. V., Korovin A. A.

There are considered the shortcomings of the basic criteria used for the flying qualities and PIO prediction. The analysis of Have PIO, LAHOS and Neal-Smith data base is carried out. It is offered the rules for preliminary selection of configurations for making more precise of the level boundaries. The comparison of predictive potentialities of criteria is considered too.

Keywords: flying qualities, criteria, pilot induced oscillations, data base, dynamic configurations, highly augmented aircraft.

Zherebin A. M., Kropova V. V.

Article considers the main activity direction of the management of the aerotechnics development. The article discusses coordinated and interrelated system of criteria for making strategic and tactical decisions which is complied with the ideology of Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution System (PPBES). An approach is proposed to overcome the uncertainty of the main acting factors.

Keywords: functional system, decision making, criterion of development management, target allocation criterion, uncertainty factors, factor of subjectivity, extreme point, compromise solution.

Zherebin A. M., Kropova V. V.

Article proposes an approach to assessing the realizability of programs and plans for aerotechnics development based on the modeling of scientific and industrial base of aerotechnics creation, and the analysis of the effectiveness and sustainability of its operation.

Keywords: stability, safety, (ultimate) limit state, indicator, rational choice criteria, destabilizing influence, sustainable development, interindustry balance, production function

Golovkin M. A., Kochish S. I., Kritsky B. S.

Within the limits of the vortex theory the design procedure of non-stationary aerodynamic characteristics of carrying system «the central body - blades» convertible aircraft is considered. Comparison of calculation results vs the experiments data and calculations by other techniques is given.Examples of calculations are given.

Keywords: rotary-wing aircraft, carrying system, the central body, blades, aerodynamic characteristics

Golovkin M. A.

Analytic expressions to determine the rotary derivatives of wing rolling- and yawing-moment coefficients with respect to total angular velocity and its components are found using vector relations with approximation of strip hypothesis. The obtained relations can be used to assess the specified derivatives of the high-aspect wing in all angle-of-attack ranges in case distributions of normal and longitudinal force coefficients and angle of attack derivatives in wing sections and inductive wash spanwise are known. Expressions for swept wings, constant chord wings as well as wings with elliptic law of spanwise load distribution are presented.

Keywords: wing, rolling and yawing moments, rotary derivatives, angular velocity components

Ryzhov Y. A., Nikitchenko Y. A., Paramonov I. V.

The influence of the coefficient of bulk viscosity on the distribution of normal stress on a sharp edge was analyzed. The problem is solved of air flow over a thin plate ( , , ). It is shown that at Mach and at the value of the coefficient of bulk viscosity , the distribution of normal stress is described by smooth curves. At high Mach numbers, the results are physically inadequate for any value of .

Keywords: hypersonic flow; sharp edge; the model of Navier-Stokes-Fourier; the bulk viscosity

Tischehko M. N., Artamonov B. L.

On the basis of the power approach various ways of increase of cruiser speed of flight of rotary-wing flying devices of various circuits are analyzed. Using concepts of aerodynamic quality and propulsive factor of the flying device it is shown, that the most perspective by the given criteria is the tilt-rotor aircraft.

Keywords: rotary-wing aircraft, consept decisions, the maximal and cruiser speeds of flight

Endogur A. I.

The kind of the law taking into account influence of the sum of a design elements imperfections or conditions of operation of complex products on convergence of the theoretical and practical characteristics of durability or resource of a design is stated. The examples showing an opportunity of use of this law at tests of designs and also at operation of space or automobile engineering are given.

Keywords: design; serviceability; technology; imperfection; the law

Tischehko M. N., Artamonov B. L.

The basic opportunity of creation of the perspective heavy transport helicopter of the one-screw circuit with the steering screw is examined. On an example of the requirements in due time declared in American program JTR to flight-technical characteristics of the perspective device, the technical opportunity of their performance is analyzed by deep updating now most load-lifting domestic helicopter Mi-26.

Keywords: the rotary-wing flying device, the flight-characteristics, useful loading, range of flight, helicopter Mi-26, directions of modernization, aerodynamic quality, propulsive factor

Liseitsev N. К., Samoilovskii A. A.

The main features and principles of functioning was considered in the article. Continuous flight problems was described. Analysis of solar powered aircraft development perspective was made.

Keywords: solar powered aircraft, photovoltaic cell, continuous flight.

Space technics and technology

Khrustaliov M. M., Khalina A. S.

The problem of stabilization of the orientation of the satellite with flexible element (rod) is considered on a circular orbit. Using the principle of separation of movement on the slow quasi-static and fast oscillating we obtain a system of ordinary differential equations, describing the controlled movement of the satellite with flexible rod. The model was applied to study the stabilization of the angular position of the satellite relative to the local vertical. It is established, that the simple linear regulator, used for the stabilization of orientation of the hard satellites, ensures the stability of the orientation of the satellite with flexible element in the proper choice of the coefficients of the regulator.

Keywords: satellite with flexible element; the stabilization of orientation of the satellite; forced vibrations of the high rigidity rod; control with incomplete feedback; linear regulator.

Aerospace propulsion engineering

Firsanov V. V., Makarov P. V.

Description of the features of modal analysis compressor blade disk is considered. It is shown that the change of natural frequencies and modes of compressor blade is determined with number of nodal diame-ters, disk flexibility and interaction between blades shrouds. It is illustrated, that calculation of the natural frequencies and mode of whole rotor it is necessary in order to get correct result. The practice recommen-dation to development suitable finite-element models of rotor and blade disk is represented. Features pic-ture of displacement of modern fan wide chord blade hesitant with natural mode with regard to flutter prediction is considered.

Keywords: flutter, stability, blade disk, blade, nodal diameter, fun.

Radio engineering. Electronics. Telecommunication systems

Kuprijanov A. I., Shevtsov V. V.

Potential efficiency of detection and accuracy of reproduction of a speech signal which modulates the laser radiation disseminated by the vibrating surface is considered

Keywords: interception of an acoustic speech signal; the technical channel of information leakage; modulation of laser radiation

Repneva A. I.

The work shows the main difficulties that arise at the system design phase digital signal processing devices (UTSOS). Identified the need to improve the quality of design, which can be achieved by creating an algorithm which allows to carry out the formalization of the process of choosing the optimal CTV. In the course of the requirements to multiple source components UTSOS, made choice of these components, the synthesis produced structural and technological options for products, as well as the choice of optimal CTV complex indicator of quality.

Keywords: digital signal processor, design and technology option, the system design phase, components, algorithm, synthesis, decomposition, the method of successive cuts.

Material authority

Halov M. O.

The work is devoted to addressing the demand for the formation of martensitic technique in the aerospace industry.

Keywords: nickelide titanium; shape memory effect; aerospace

Halov M. O.

The work is devoted to addressing the demand for the formation of martensitic technique in the aerospace industry.

Keywords: nickelide titanium; shape memory effect; aerospace

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