2012. № 56

Space technics and technology

Musabayev T. A., Nedajvoda A. K., Shlenov Y. V.

In the article features of working out of network schedules (network models) of space-rocket complexes’ components preparation processes for application and questions of an estimation of efficiency and calculation of the basic time characteristics of space-rocket complex preparation technological processes are considered.

Keywords: space-rocket complex; network schedule; network model; characteristics of network model.

Musabayev T. A., Rozhdestvensky A. V., Milyukov I. A.

In article the features of the approach to starting complex equipment of special technological systems restoration and maintenance are considered. The basic indicators of reliability of technological systems of various types are defined. The dependences describing a condition of system from a condition of its separate elements are presented. They allow to prove terms and standard items of system’s spare elements for maintenance of its further functioning.

Keywords: the process equipment of a starting complex; special technical systems; indicators of reliability of system functioning; restoration of the best working capacity.

Aerospace propulsion engineering

Artyomov A. V., Zavalishin I. V., Chernetsov V. I.

In article the substantiation of necessity of the analysis of constructive-technological decisions in the technical preparation of jet-engine parts manufacture process is resulted. Authors offer the technique of the analysis providing performance of an estimation and comparison of constructive-technological decisions taking into account multi-variant approach of these decisions.

Keywords: constructive-technological decisions; gas-turbine manufacture; an estimation technique.

Yeliseyev Y. S., Volkov P. V.

In article on an example of designing of the major units of the AL-31FM1 gas-turbine engine possibilities and real results of application of various specialized automated designing systems are shown. Examples of solving various design and engineering problems of basic gas-turbine engine units are given.

Keywords: еlectronic model of a product; CALS-technologies; product life cycle; CAD systems; mathematical model of a product.

Yeliseyev Y. S., Poklad V. A., Eliseev V. D.

In article the role of CALS-technologies in hi-tech products designing is shown. Complex use of CALS-technologies is considered in gas-turbine power installations’ designing. Concrete examples of specialized designing systems use in creation of separate elements of energy power plants are given.

Keywords: information technology; CALS-technologies; product life cycle; CAD systems.

Zavalishin I. V., Finogeev A. G.

In the article features of technological manufacture preparation of gas-turbine engines' parts are considered. The modern jet-engine’s gas turbine construction features defining technical perfection of the engine are pointed out. The description of modern technologies applied at Russian gas-turbine production enterprises is given.

Keywords: jet engine; gas-turbine engine, technological manufacture preparation; gas-turbine parts.

Budantsev A. V., Zavalishin I. V., Kharin A. A.

In article the technique of formation of constructive-technological decisions in the aviation engines parts creation process is described. Also the developed imitating mathematical model of industrial system including elements, properties and decision parameters (constructive, technological, cost) and their interrelations is presented.

Keywords: constructive-technological decisions, industrial system, imitating mathematical model.

Yanovskiy L. S., Krymov V. V., Finogeev A. G.

Alternative variants of power plants, used as support power-plants of aviation engines, and created on the base of fuel cells are considered in the article. Schemes of power-plants using the fuel cells of different construction and workings on various fuels are presented. The estimation of support power-plants variants is executed.

Keywords: aviation power-plant, aviation fuel, auxiliary power-plant, fuel cells, reactor-converter.

Yanovskiy L. S., Kazakov V. A., Slesarev Y. N., Kharin A. A.

The processes of liquid hydrocarbonic fuels’ production are considered in the article. Results of experimental research of alternative synthetic liquid aviation fuels (SLF) from natural gas or bioraw materials are given. The physical, chemical and operational indexes of experimental samples of synthetic fuels, got from natural gas are presented.

Keywords: aviation fuel, alternative fuel, biofuel, synthetic liquid fuel, properties of fuel

Yanovskiy L. S., Kazakov V. A., Pavlov V. V.

In the article the question of heat and mass exchange processes modeling at a biofuel flow in pipelines of aviation engines’ heat exchangers in conditions of fuel thermal decomposition and coke formation on internal walls of pipelines is considered. Authors offer mathematical dependences on which fuel average parameters’ changes, a thickness of coke adjournment, temperature of a pipeline wall, the degree of decomposition of fuel on a wall, hydraulic characteristics of a fuel stream on length of a pipe can be calculated.

Keywords: biofuel, heat exchange, mass exchange, thermal decomposition, coking, process model.

Yanovskiy L. S., Mihajlov P. G., Kharin A. A.

In the article rules of coke formation process on walls of pipelines and heat exchangers of aviation engines, as a result of biofuel thermal decomposition at engine work. Results of an experimental research of coke formation process on internal walls of tubes at thermal decomposition various aviation fuels, including alternative fuels from bioraw materials are given. The influence of fuel additives on coke formation is analysed.

Keywords: biofuel, thermooxidation, coking, thermal decomposition.

Yanovskiy L. S., Krymov V. V., Zavalishin I. V., Berezko P. N.

In article the basic functioning features of gas-turbine support power-plant of the modern passenger airplane are considered. The basic technical and operational characteristics of fuel cells are analyzed, and the expediency of their application as power plant on civil long haul airplanes is established. The function chart of aviation power-plant based on the battery of the fuel cells, providing effective performance of support power-plant is offered.

Keywords: support power-plant, battery of the fuel cells, hydrocarbonic fuel, power-plant, civil aviation

Yanovskaya M. L., Kharin A. A., Zavalishin I. V., Budantsev A. V.

In the article questions of working out and using of additives on biofuels for the purpose of prevention of coking on the walls of thermo exchanged devices’ channels in gas-turbine aviation engines are considered. The coking occurrence reasons and distribution of cokes concentration to channel density on its length are described. The selection of components for creation of the multifunctional additive with a condition of a choice of raw materials from the assortment developed by Russian enterprises is conducted.

Keywords: biofuel, multifunctional additive, coking, gas-turbine engine, thermoexchangers, aviation fuel.

Yanovskiy L. S., Pavlov V. V., Slesarev Y. N., Chernetsov V. I.

The mathematical model of coke formation process in a biofuel flow in warmed channels of the aviation engine heat exchanger in the form of equations system of heat transfer and diffusion for the dissolved oxygen, middle products, high molecular connections and for particles of adjournment in margin layer is presented in the article. Results of calculation of characteristics of coke formation process depending on external conditions of process of fuel flow are given.

Keywords: biofuel, coking, mathematical model of process.

Navigation systems

Brindikova I. V., Bushanskiy A. S., Milyukov I. A., Tolstov A. A., Kharin A. A.

Authors conduct the detailed analysis of objects of space-rocket complex surface infrastructure. Factors, influencing basic parameters, determining the state of objects of the complex, are defined. On the basis of GLONASS perfomance analysis results practical recommendations on application of modern navigation technologies at the land objects of a space-rocket complex are developed. Also recommendations on navigation technology competent staff training system organizing are given.

Keywords: GLONASS, navigation technologies, monitoring, space-rocket technics, objects of surface infrastructure

Technical cybernetics. Information technology. Computer facilities

Nedajvoda A. K., Rozhdestvensky A. V.

In article the basic approaches to an estimation of efficiency and quality of complexed technical systems on an example of objects of space-rocket technics are considered. Mathematical models of the description of efficiency of space-rocket technics’ systems are offered. Expert methods of an estimation of efficiency of complexed technical systems and features of their application are considered in detail.

Keywords: space-rocket technics; system effectiveness model; quality of system; efficiency indicators; expert methods of estimation.


Nedajvoda A. K., Mihajlov P. G.

In article the ways of improvement of quality of space-rocket technics are considered and analyzed. The mathematical model of units and systems assemblage quality in a kind of ”a black box” managerial process is offered. The block diagramme of a quality of space-rocket technics units manufacturing control system and the basic components of model of units” manufacturing process are presented.

Keywords: quality of manufacturing; quality of assemblage of the unit; a quality control system; model of a quality control system.

Kalinin S. Y., Rozhdestvensky A. V., Shlenov Y. V.

In article the features of an estimation of economic efficiency of operation of separate systems of a space-rocket complex (SRC) and the SRC as a whole are considered; variants of decisions on possibility of their operation are considered; the technique of an economic estimation of possible decisions on operation of systems is stated and criteria for comparison of economic efficiency of decisions are established.

Keywords: efficiency of operation of a space-rocket complex; the economic express analysis; indicators and criteria of an estimation of economic efficiency; variants of development of space-rocket complex systems.

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