2012. № 57

Mathematics. Physics. Mechanics

Vorobiev I. N., Grishanina T. V.

In this article is solved the plane problem of the dynamic behavior of an elastic beam loaded by static forces which cause instability. The finite element method (FEM) has been used to solve the nonlinear problem. Different cases of the dynamic behavior of the elastic beam loaded by gravity forces have been considered.

Keywords: the finite strain, the nonlinear dynamic, stability, the finite element method.

Aviation technics and technology

Ignatkin Y. M., Konstantinov S. G.

The results of calculations aerodynamic characteristics main rotor helicopter on a hovering are presented. Calculations are executed by a method of numerical modeling hydrodynamic processes (CFD) on supercomputer МАИ. Comparison results of calculation with experiment are presented. The character of a current in a blade tip, form of a vortical trace, field of inductive speeds created by the main rotor helicopter are investigated. Analysis of influence blade tip geometry and anhedral angel for three blade tip types on  rotor is executed.

Keywords: aerodynamic characteristics; blade tips of a main rotor helicopter; CFD methods.

Ignatkin Y. M., Konstantinov S. G.

The results of calculations aerodynamic characteristics a profile and blade tips helicopter rotor executed by a method of numerical modeling hydrodynamic processes (CFD) on supercomputer МАI are presented. Represents comparative testing of RANS turbulence models on the basis of calculation results aerodynamic characteristics profile NACA 230-12 and their comparisons with experiment. Represents results of calculations aerodynamic characteristics for four blade tips and comparison their with results of the experiments conducted on a models in wind tunnels МАI.

Keywords: model of turbulence RANS; aerodynamic characteristics; blade profile; blade tips of main helicopter rotor.

Klykov A. V., Kirillov V. Y.

The article analyzes the capabilities of computer simulation for solving problems of electromagnetic compatibility of aircraft electrical wiring interconnection system.

Keywords: electromagnetic compatibility; electromagnetic interference; electrical wiring interconnection sys-tem; aircraft; computer simulation; high intensity radiated fields.

Dolgov O. S., Dolgova T. V., Karimov A. H., Lyakishev M. A.

The paper describes the new type of UAV – multi-purpose unmanned aerial platform with dual-purpose units (aggregates). Analyzed the possible variants of dual-purpose units uses in the aircraft. Compared inertia-moment characteristics of the multi-purpose unmanned aircraft platform with dual-purpose units and UAV “Global Hawk” (without dual-purpose units).

Keywords: multifunctional unmanned aerial platform, UAV, dual-purpose aggregates (units), inertia moments, layout.

Samokhin V. F., Moshkov P. A.

In article the noise problem on the district of easy propeller planes (EPP) is considered, the short review of gears of generation of noise by the propeller and an internal combustion engine and existing analytical models of noise of the air propeller is given. The main results of a pilot study of acoustic characteristics of the easy propeller plane of the Yak-18T type in static conditions are presented. Existential, spectral and power characteristics of acoustic radiation of the EPP power plant are provided. The new gear of generation is revealed by the subsonic air propeller of acoustic radiation of pulse type. It is established that the acoustic capacity of the EPP power plant is defined by capacity of total acoustic radiation of the air propeller and the engine. The acoustic efficiency of the EPP power plant of the Yak-18T type in stationary conditions makes ≈ 0,15 %.

Keywords: noise of the air propeller; noise of internal combustion engines; noise of easy propeller planes.

Sakornsin R., Popov S. A.

The possibility has been studied of using modern CFD (CFD - Computational Fluid Dynamics) software package for solving problems of designing wings seaplanes. The description of the physical-mathematical model and the algorithm for solving the problem based on the Reynolds averaged Navier-Stokes equations are given. The analysis is given of application of several turbulence models: Spalart-Allmaras, three different modification models and standard model, under which has been selected the most appropriate model, which gives the best result of calculations with experimental data. Testing of the methodology used and the software have confirmed the validity of the results. The results of series of numerical studies of typical configurations of the wing with float on the end wing are presented. The effect is studied of several variants of the deviations of the wing and the location of the end floats on the values of the total aerodynamic coefficients of forces and moments acting on the seaplane wing.

Keywords: seaplane; Reynolds-Averaged Navier-Stokes Equations; turbulence Model; aerodynamic coefficients.

Space technics and technology

Malyshev V. V., Starkov A. V., Fedorov A. V.

The basis for ensuring a high level of reliability and safety during dynamic operations is a comprehensive experimental development of products in as close to real conditions of the application operation using mathematical and simulation modeling. The article is devoted to development of program-modeling complex methodology which is solving the problem of dynamic spacecraft operations and its means of testing.

Keywords: spacecraft, satellite, program-modeling, simulation, software, database, dynamic operations, methodology, control.

Klebanov Y. M., Bruyaka V. A., Vavilov M. A.

In article the results of definition the optimum sensor locations and activators at vibrating tests of a product «Souyz 2 stage 1B», received on a method of the normalized modal displacement, are presented. Calculations are carried out through FEM in ANSYS

Keywords: vibrating tests, finite elements method (FEM), modal analysis, ANSYS

Kurshin A. V.

In work shows the possibility of increasing the accuracy of the location of the consumer satellite navigation system GLONASS, by increasing the refresh rate timing information to the satellites. An algorithm for evaluation of care satellite clock relative to the system time, the results of simulation the refresh rate time information at different intervals.

Keywords: time bias, refresh rate of satellite clock information.

Aerospace propulsion engineering

Demidova O. L.

An algorithm for the numerical simulation of turbulent combustion of hydrocarbon fuels in a weakly swirling gas flows. The peculiarity of the algorithm is to use the method of splitting into physical processes, together with the local linearization method for solving the equations of chemical kinetics.

Keywords: numerical methods for solving the Navier-Stokes equations, mathematical modeling, viscous turbulent flows, multicomponent mixtures of gases, chemical non-equilibrium processes, swirling flows.

Lanskii A. M., Lukachev S. V., Matveev S. G.

In the article the results of experimental researches are considered on influence of structural and regime parameters on descriptions of fuel torch. Some new features of management his dispersible descriptions are exposed.

Keywords: sprayer, structural and regime parameters, diameter of nozzle, konfuzornyy nasadok, corner of setting of shoulder-blades of zavikhritelya.

Rebrov S. G., Golikov A. N., Golubev V. A., Romanuk V. A.

Experimental investigations of laser ignition of propellants oxygen - methane, oxygen - ethanol, oxygen - kerosene in laser igniter using micro-laser are conducted. Ignition was carried out by initiation of optical breakdown by laser radiation focused near metallic target surface. Experiments were conducted with wide variation of fuel-oxidizer ratio, launch cyclogram, component supply delay and moment of laser switching on.

Keywords: laser ignition, micro-laser, igniter, optical breakdown, rocket engine

Control systems

Malyshev V. V., Kabanov D. S.

A problem of payload delivery by an automatic underwater vehicle (AUV) to a given point is considered in this paper. Optimal algorithms for different AUV motion stages are developed. The essence of algorithms consists in numerical definition of control actions using Pontryagin's maximum principle. The solution is obtained under conditions such as precision requirements and constraints on the control variables. Accuracy evaluation of payload delivery by AUV is performed. Numerical calculations of AUV dynamics and collected statistical data using the simulation model are presented.

Keywords: automatic underwater vehicle, Pontryagin's maximum principle, predictive model, accuracy evaluation.

Navigation systems

Kruzhkov D. M.

It is considered the estimation of navigation parameters accuracy provided by the integrated navigation system. The way of possible accuracy improving problem solution by special configuring Kalman’s filter is described. Illustrations of navigation system processing simulation results after special integrated filter configuring are shown.

Keywords: navigation; integrated system; astrosensor, gnss navigation system; Kalman filter; GLONASS; star tracker; geostationary orbit.

Technical cybernetics. Information technology. Computer facilities

Bukharin, V. V., Kiryanov A. V., Starodubtsev Y. I.

The way of protection of an information network is considered at occurrence of infringements of external perimeter of system of protection of the information computer attacks, sold by means of realization. The given way allows to raise efficiency of detection of computer attack at the expense of use of trace of routes of transfer of packages.

Keywords: protection of an information network, computer attacks, trace of a route, IP protocol.

Bukharin, V. V., Kiryanov A. V., Starodubtsev Y. I., Truskov S. S.

In clause the method of detection of the network analysis of the information traffic ITCN is considered. The developed method allows to raise reliability of detection of computer attacks, including passive attacks on ITCN by transfer of verifying packages and analysis of answer-back packages from routers of an external network used on a route of transfer of packages of the message.

Keywords: analysis of the network traffic; information-telecommunication network; IP the protocol.

Radio engineering. Electronics. Telecommunication systems

Kartukov A. V., Merkishin G. V., Repin A. I., Sushko S. V.

It is regarding the using the laser for investigating the engines petrol. Experimental equipment is operating by refracting the laser beam above of investigated liquid.

Keywords: atmospheres analysis, laser, petrol, refraction, identifying liquid.

Hein T. A., Baskakov A. I.

The report selected the optimal operating frequencies, corresponding to the ocean wave height coordinates. Formed suggested probe signal with an angular modulation with an appropriate choice of the modulation index, allowing a more uniform spectrum of the eleven harmonics and to vary the frequency differences in a wide range. The report received potential accuracy characteristics of the sea surface intensity assessment (ordinate sea waves) of the spacecraft by multi-frequency cross-correlation function of reflected signals. Realize the high accuracy measurement of ocean wave height for all possible ranges of the sea surface intensity by synthesizing aperture antenna and using an antenna array.

Keywords: multi-frequency radar interferometer; sea surface; mean square ordinate of sea waves; multi-frequency cross correlated function; the potential accuracy.

Sein H., Baskakov A. I.

This paper presents the choice of parameters of ground surface irradiation geometry for the design of an airborne radar, operating at 35 GHz (= 8.6 mm) and intended to be used as a helicopter assisted landing system before landing in a dusty environment and on rough unprepared terrain in the day time and night time as well as under adverse weather conditions. The potential accuracy estimation of landing field relief is implemented.

Keywords: relief; resolution cell; phase difference; ordinate; estimation error of the phase difference; correlation coefficient; fluctuation measurement error of ordinate of resolution cell; “baseline decorrelation” function; antenna baseline; elevation angle of baseline.

Material authority

Hlopov B. V.

The bench for research of the parameters defining stability of magnetic properties of thin-film materials of the modern hard magnetic disks in case of impact on them of an outside impulse magnetic field is developed and created. Techniques of an assessment of the magnetic fields providing safe erasing of information from carriers on rigid magnetic carriers (NZhMD), in particular a technique of visual check of a completeness of erasing of information with use of atomic force microscopy (ASM) are developed, losses in protective casings are defined when screening magnetic fields. Offers are provided to normative documents by determination of amplitude and frequency values of strength of a periodic magnetic field and value of strength of an impulse magnetic field with an optimum pulse duration.

Keywords: impulse magnetic field, magnetic disk, coercive force of a material, atomic force microscopy, magnetization of saturation, the magnetic relief, the guaranteed erasing of information, normative requirements.

Hlopov B. V.

Benchs for research of the parameters defining stability of magnetic properties of thin-film materials of the modern hard magnetic disks in case of impact on them of a constant magnetic field are developed and created. Techniques of determination of the magnetic fields providing guaranteed erasing of information from carriers on rigid magnetic carriers (NGMD) are developed, a technique of monitoring of a completeness of erasing of information on the basis of atomic force microscopy (ASM), value of an outside influencing constant magnetic field exceeding value of coercive force of a thin-film magnetic material effectively and safely erasing information from magnetic carriers is defined.

Keywords: thin-film material, magnetic disk, coercive force, atomic force microscope, information erasing, magnetic relief, magnetization method, microprobe, kantilever, nanostructure, record fragment.


Artyemenko I. V., Tkachev D. A.

The article presents analysis of the theoretical and practical methods of forming the initial prices for the products of the state defense order for the example of aviation industry in the interest of the Air Forces of the Russian Federation. The authors proposed a method of pricing of defense products on the basis of an agreed level of profitability, which can be used by general customers, the Russian Defense Ministry in the development of guidance documents on pricing for defense products.

Keywords: products of the state defense order; aviation industry, pricing, profitability, ability, the coefficient

Nemoudryi K. V.

Nowadays the air transport plays a special role in the providing of the accessibility of the regions and inhabited localities of Russia. Aviation is often the only transport means, but not more than 7 % of the citizenry use it, and the market concentration of air transportations at the Moscow airports was 75.4 % on the 1st of November 2010. The development of the regional aviation is an essential factor which determines not only the transportation accessibility of the Arkhangelsk Region, but also its economic development.

Keywords: aircraft; regional aviation; economic development; subarctic area; Far North.

Nikulina E. N., Trubina A. V.

The article provides information characterizing the state of the aviation enterprises’ evaluation market in Russia, as one tool that helps for creation of a highly competitive industry. Authors of article focuses attention on the current state of the aviation industry, analyze the financial condition of aviation businesses and make well-founded conclusions about the necessity of expanding of the scope of the aviation enterprises’ evaluation in Russia. The article also shows the ways of introduction (implementation) of an independent financial evaluation for the practice of the management of aviation companies.

Keywords: aviation industry; business valuation.

Zueva V. V.

The article presents prospects of development of space services sphere, the marketing research procedure for space services, considering associativity of consumer requirements and space complexes possibilities, is offered. The algorithm of the customizeability account, promoting increase of space complexes competitiveness and increase of their functioning efficiency for requirements of various consumer groups is presented. The kinds and parameters of customizeability are allocated; the list of the factors defining an associativity of potential and requirements for services of space complexes is defined.

Keywords: space services; marketing researches; an associativity of consumer requirements and space complexes possibilities; remote sensing of the Earth; transport space systems; associativity kinds and parameters; associativity estimation factors; an integrated indicator

Zhdanov I. Y.

In article ways of increase of efficiency of interaction of the air transport enterprises and investors are considered. The block diagram of increase of investment appeal of the entities on the basis of use of a credit rating is offered, key factors and mechanisms of its management are allocated.

Keywords: investment appeal of the entities of aircraft; management of a credit rating; block diagram of the analysis; management factors.

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