2006. № 24

Humanitarian and social studies

Krylova I. E.

In this article there is a characteristic of political and socio economic situation in Armenia, also there is a short analysis of relationships of the country with its nearest neighbours; our special attention is paid to the locating factor of Armenia between the countries, which are not always friendly. In the conclusive part some perspectives of the development of Armenia are observed and also there are some ways of overcoming the present crisis.


Space technics and technology

Shcherbakova E. A.

In activity, the research of the project of a space vehicle is carried out on the basis of present boosters with a problem of returning from geostationary orbit (GSO) of the refused artificial satellites of the Earth with the preliminary analysis of the mass-power characteristics of possible versions of operation. Three versions of the possible scripts of operation of returning of a payload mass are considered. By results of the conducted calculations, the conclusions with the instruction of the most expedient version of returning of a payload mass are done.


Kasmerchuk P. V.

Specificity of simulation and procedure of optimization of SC flight trajectories with a rotor solar sail, including multiple gravity-assist maneuvers is considered. The problem of optimization of SC flight trajectories with a rotor solar sail is defined as a problem of optimization of compound dynamic system, which is decided by the method of sequential linearization, is proposed.


Babkin A. N., Poltavets G. A.

In the present article the analysis of the domestic publications on a subject of manned expedition on Moon, Mars and stuffs NASA on the given problematics is conducted. Dans of the proposal of the writers on development and prolongation of these activities.


Babkin A. N.

In the article is regarded an factor "working positioning", which one is similar on physical sense to the factor "fixation" taken from model of efficiency orbital extravehicular activityes (EVA). In an investigated system planetary EVA to ensure positioning marsonaut (astronaut in the pressure garment assembly under an overpressure located on a surface of Mars) notably is more difficult. It is necessary to lower energy consumptions both time for slopes and crimps of "aerogirder" of the pressure garment assembly from an equilibrium position, that can be reached by an marsonaut by activity in the most expedient posture.


Economics and management

Result main causes motivated companies to start process of merger or acquisition, give consideration to main mistakes, made on different stage of merger and acquisition, represent basic types of organizational culture. Give consideration to research of company activity in a field of organizational culture on preparatory and planning stages of integration.


Computing. Information technology

Dembitsky N. L., Vasil'eva T. U.

This paper is about technology expert system for radio electronic equipment production. It's considered main scientific direction to study automatic technology design methods and new organization technology expert system method development.


Radio engineering. Electronics

Ageev I. M., Rybin Y. M., Shishkin G. G., Eskin S. M.

Sensors of week physical fields and radiation of bio objects were designed. Operating principle of sensors is based on measuring the electrical conductivity of water under heating. High sensitivity of sensors allows using them for investigations in biophysics and biochemistry, water physics and solar-terrestrial connections. Sensor's measured data depend on psycho emotional human status and so they can be widely used for medical and industrial applications.


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