2006. № 23

Humanitarian and social studies

Krylova I. E.

In this article there is a short characteristic of geopolitical situation in Transcaucasia in the post-soviet period; our special attention is paid to the characteristic of present situation in Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia, and here there are main difficulties, which faced these countries in the period of their reforms.


Aerospace propulsion engineering

Kasmerchuk P. V.

The procedure of optimization of the flight trajectories including multiple gravity-assist maneuvers of the space craft equipped by a solar sail is considered. The proposed procedure is based on concept of optimization of the compound dynamic systems by the method of sequential linearization and allows to form the general approach to decision of problems of interplanetary missions optimization with use of a solar sail. With use of the proposed procedure problems of optimization of the flight trajectories to Mercury and to the Sun neighborhood on a base of cheap conversion "Dnepr" LV are decided.


Zernov V. I., Shcherbakova E. A.

In activity the problem of maintenance of ecological cleanness of geostationary orbit (GSO) is considered at the expense of application of reusable salvaged geostationary accelerating units. The problem of designing of ecological pure accelerating units which are not polluting working orbits is put. At the solution of a problem is determined:
- ways of returning booster and optimum parameters of a system of returning;
- degree of an economic efficiency salvaged boosters;
- change of the characteristics of units at introduction to their structure of systems of saving. For lowering costs of speed, it is offered to use known idea of parabolic transition offered A. Shternfeld, which now has found a use at the ascent of freight on GSO from northern latitudes. The use of reusable booster units in geostationary orbits is economically profitable, cutting in half the expenses. It should be compulsory with regard to the requirements of the ecological purity of geostationary orbits.


Shcherbakova E. A.

The problem of common designing of the reusable booster for fulfilment of geostationary operations is put. On the basis of present boosters for clearing of geostationary orbit (GSO) from disabled artificial satellites of the Earth is regarded an issue of designing of a special flight vehicle. In activity the preliminary parametric analysis by criteria of an economic efficiency of operation, in result is carried conducted which is concluded a ratio of main specifications for an economically expedient projected system.


Economics and management

Gerashchenko N. N.

Modern aviation industry enterprises are more and more demanding to staff choice. The efficiency of their education according to traditional methods doesn't meet modern free market requirements. Therefore the article deals with the complex industrial and educational area which is a complicated complex system (CCS) with various hierarchy levels. The ultimate goal of CCS is to provide competitive products while training highly-qualified staff. Methodological techniques proposed in the article allow to identify, describe and explore a great number of system links and to work out generalized ways of their analysis and efficiency assessment according to the general technical and educational criterion.



Khrapko R. I.

It is shown that the quadratic dependence of electric energy on electric strength causes an additional electric energy in comparison with the energy that corresponds to a macroscopic electric field.


Computing. Information technology

Malinina N. L.

Methodology of comparative estimation of various ways' efficiency of algorithms and software design is based on net models and graph-schemes of algorithms structural properties, that is on the number of graph mutually independent ways analysis. The design cost of algorithms and software considers as a sum of separate stages costs of the common technology scheme. The job's analysis according to each stage of this scheme allows to deduce the approximate formulas for each stage cost of various technologies of algorithms and software design. According to the formulas we can receive areas of advantageous application of different methods of algorithms and software design depending on the algorithms and software size. The reliability of the analytical relations is verified by the fact of their agreement with other authors' experimental data. electric field.


Information systems

Gerasimov G. V.

At present, video transmitting system start to play the increasing role in various areas of technical and life. Generally, the existing television system use various types of scan conversion: interlaced scanning, progressive scanning, spiral scanning ets., but at the same time it is required consumption expenses of a significant part of throughput of system, and also the problems of image preservation with the set degree of accuracy in conformity to the quality of image transmission. Therefore, the development of the new principles of video transmission and of multivariate digital signals transfer in general represent a rather important issue of the day.


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