2005. № 18

Methods and tutorials

Mkrtchyan G. A., Vecherinina E. A., Cheprakova L. A.

The problems of English-Russian/Russian-English translation of scientific and technical terminology, and the interpretation of the meaning of single, two-word, and multiword terms are discussed. The main requirements to scientific and technical texts, and in particular, to the translation in the target language are set forth. The description of neologisms, "false friends of translator", and of the grammatical features of technical texts is given. The practical aspects of stylistic adaptation of the target-language text are shown.


Galetskaya I. M., Remennikova I. A.

The necessity to create update textbooks and course books for technical universities is one of the aims of this paper. First of all these needs must be satisfied by the course books designed by Russian authors. One of the most urgent problems of teaching a foreign language in a technical university is a lack of a good textbook meeting all the requirements of the program. The paper deals with some approaches to the theory of a textbook, the methodology of selection and organization of the texts for reading and relevant exercises. The authors share their experience in creating a course book for teaching reading professionally-oriented English and French texts designed for students and post-graduates.


Galetskaya I. M., Remennikova I. A.

The article deals with the necessity of using dictionaries of different types - for general and special purposes - and methods of teaching foreign languages by means of them all levels: from first year students to post-graduates. The article contains lexicographical analysis of the dictionaries of different types. The computer and some new forms of technical communication like Internet have opened up new opportunities for learning and teaching the languages. The article presents some peculiarities of teaching technical translation with the help of modern electronic dictionaries and translators.


Computer technologies in education

Letova T. А., Kondakov V. K., Bogomolov M. N.

It is possible to fill information base for computer-oriented teaching aids on applied mathematical sciences using TBBuilder 2, which includes: theoretical information, algorithm examples, sums for independent solution with step-by-step answer control and control of final answers, independent calculation work, questions for boundary control and exam, topic list and recommended literature list.
Using TBBuilder 2 any user is able to fill information base, having elementary knowledge in usage of textual and graphical editors.
TBBuilder 2 peculiarities, methodical comments, main program components and examples are examined in this issue.



Prudnikov V. A.

There is method of creation equivalent electrical models for analyzing technological operations work through in limits technological foundation of machine-building articles design process at up-to-date stage in this report. Two tasks under review the simulation method as an example. It is freight hauling and tooling electric-valve for switching in pressure limit. It was indicates possibility to creation typical decisions and data obtaining what couldn't get by initial customers. Offer as applied to approach permit get information more exactly by model analyzing manufacturing operations in details.



Khrapko R. I.

Roche's paper "What is mass" is reactionary. It impedes teaching because presses on inadequate concept of mass.



Ivannikov S. V., Rodionov G. L., Sidorenko A. S.

With the purpose of shaping the block of the mathematical simulation included in a transport training simulator, the analysis of domestic and foreign researches on development of the algorithms, describing dynamics of car is carried out. Methods of simulation dynamics of car as elastic - mass system, simulation of the propulsion system and transmission are surveyed. Sentences on rational structure and composition of simulation algorithm of dynamic of the car as interdependent subsystems of the differential equations are developed. The suggested equations of driving are a basis for creation of the software, permitting to imitate on the COMPUTER driving of the car in real time.


Technical cybernetics

Rybackov K. A.

The concept of linear functional spectral characteristics is introduced. Possible applications to stochastic control systems analysis and syntheses are considered. In particular, the determination problem of the state vector expectation and covariance matrix, marginal and conditional probability density functions of the part of the state vector.


Information systems

Belyaev D. V.

In the article the review of methods for solving of information retrieval queries expansion problem is given. The formalized concept of a semantic context is entered. The semantic contexts model of natural language texts is offered. Properties of the offered model are considered and the method of its construction is proved. The algorithms of construction and application of associative model of semantic contexts for the decision of queries expansion problem by relevance feedback are resulted.


Zavjalov P. A.

The subject of the article is a model of a task-level inquiry system for periodic reporting. Inquiry systems are being rated. A formalized model of this system is described. A software implementation of the suggested model is listed.


Glebov O. I.

Subject of this research is technology of remote electronic reporting via public communication channels basing on cryptographic protection facilities. This article describes building, functioning and development of electronic report delivering system via public communication channels. During the work process there were defined purposes, functions and primary objects of electronic report delivering system via public communication channels basing on cryptographic protection facilities. Also, documents circulation scheme was worked out and main subsystems were set off.


Automated drives and their elements

Popov B. N., Fam T. T.

According to control unit design experience for different electric motors the general structure of Boolean automat was built. The main aim of this automat is to control the switch elements of the bridge semiconductor amplifier for direct and speed motor regulation. This general structure orientates to be realizing on the programmable logic platform. As an example the original automat for two-phase AC motor with phase method speed regulation was designed.


Radio engineering. Electronics

Barannikov L. N., Tkachev A. B., Khromtsev A. V.

The usage of the cyclic codes in digital erasure channels for raising noise-immunity is considered in this article. The results of calculations and modeling for channels with independent and packet errors are presented here.


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