2012. № 59

Mathematics. Physics. Mechanics

Dehaeze F., Barakos G. N., Batrakov A. S., Kusyumov A. N., Mikhailov S. A.

CFD predictions of aerodynamic loads could be improved by resolving a larger part of the turbulent flow spectrum. Mainstream CFD methods, currently in routine use employ the URANS approach that is inherently limited in terms of the size and frequency of the resolved flow structures. This paper attempts to apply hybrid methods of turbulence modeling and simulation aiming to resolve a larger part of the flow spectrum. Results for several DES closures are presented for the flow around a stalled aerofoil. The calculations reveal some of the advantages of DES over URANS as well as some of the performance issues associated with DES. The limitations of the available experiments for CFD validation are also highlighted.

Keywords: aerofoil; URANS and DES turbulence models; Q-criterion; power spectral density

Gurov L. V.

Presented are the results of numerical simulation of autonomous chemical HF laser operating in a pulse-periodic mode with continuous pumping. To produce active medium, perspective HYLTE nozzles were considered that are notable for providing fast mixing of reactants within the lasing region. To simulate the reactants’ flow in the nozzles and the resonator cavity, a system of equations based on 3D Navier-Stokes equations was used. The performance parameters of this laser operating in a continuous-wave mode were also estimated and compared to the corresponding parameters obtained in case of pulse-periodic mode.

Keywords: Chemical laser; pulse-periodic mode; numerical simulation

Piskovatsky A. A.

In article possibility of the analysis of the distributed forces of the rocket and the analysis of dynamics of its longitudinal movement not concerning the center of masses, and concerning the center of action of the moments of its distributed forces is investigated. More complex analysis of dynamics of flight of the rocket allows to define more precisely the operating moments of the rock-et, to avoid the methodical mistakes arising at reduction of forces of the rocket to the center of masses.

Keywords: distributed forces; the equally effective; appendix point; compensation of the moments; dynamics of flight

Vorobiev I. N.

In this article is solved the plane problem of the dynamic instability of the thin-walled tubular beam loaded by solar heating. The finite element method (FEM) has been used to solve the problem. Different cases of the nonlinear thermoelastic vibrations and dynamic instability loaded by non – steady solar heating have been considered.

Keywords: thermoelasticity, vibrations, the nonlinear dynamic, the finite element method, dynamic instability

Aviation technics and technology

Ignatkin Y. M., Makeev P. V., Shomov A. I., Konstantinov S. G.

This research is dedicated to behavior of helicopter’s main rotor in the vertical descent by computational methods. Two actual methods of helicopter rotor aerodynamics modeling are used. At the first the method based on the non-linear blade vortical model (free-wake model). At the second the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) method. Results of computational modeling of main rotor at the vortex ring state modes are presented. Full aerodynamic characteristics, including all components of forces and moments of a rotor were received. Also in the focus of view are rotor flowing specifics. As a result of a work there was received and analyzed a set of features aimed at determination of VRS dangerous area. Comparative analysis of the results received of both used methods and its comparison with data of experimental and flight test are presented.

Keywords: main rotor, computational methods of aerodynamics, CFD methods, free-wake model, vertical descent, vortex ring state mode, aerodynamic characteristics

Space technics and technology

Dunchenko O. M.

Researches of the Martian atmosphere by automatic interplanetary stations revealed a sufficiently strong wind effects in the lower 20-25 km layer of the planet atmosphere. In this paper is carried out the analysis the probabilistic characteristics the field of wind speed based on the statistical experimental data. The mathematical model of wind disturbances is considered in the form of canonical decomposition.

Keywords: spacecraft; Mars; wind disturbances; confidence intervals; canonical decomposition

Aerospace propulsion engineering

Mosolov S. V., Sidlerov D. A., Ponomarev A. A.

The numerical simulation method, developed in Keldysh Research Centre, is used for the research of the influence of interaction of jets from the injectors on flow, mixing and propellant combustion processes in sub-scale multiinjector combustion chambers. Sub-scale combustion chambers using coaxial-jet and jet-centrifugal injectors, operating to the gas-liquid scheme and propelled by oxygen and hydrocarbons (kerosene) are considered.

Keywords: combustion chamber; liquid rocket engine; numerical simulation

Vazhenin N. A.

Experimental researches of statistical characteristics of own electromagnetic radiation of stationary plasma thrusters have shown, that the given radiation can carry strongly pronounced not thermal (pulse) character and represents a pulse noise for onboard radio systems. In the given work mathematical models, applicable for the description of distribution laws of such radiation which knowledge is necessary for an estimation of a noise stability of space radio communication systems are systematized and analyzed.

Keywords: space communication; pulse noise; stationary plasma thrusters; mathematical models

Rodchenko V. V., Sadretdinova E. R., Zagovorchev V. A., Lugovtsov I. V.

Penetrators are designed for a rough landing given that their head-end which is a penetrating probe with a solid-propellant rocket will penetrate deep in the lunar soil. Penetrator is a self-contained lander equipped with systems and devices that provide its motion after separating from the orbiter, the penetrating into the rock, as well as carrying out scientific research and the transfer of the scientific information to the orbiter for the data relay to Earth. The article deals with the impact of the engine operating on the specifications of the penetrator for the lunar soil study.

Keywords: rocket engine of firm fuel; penetrator; movement in a lunar ground; modeling; mathematical model

Govorov A. A., Martirosov M. I.

The study describes investigation of interaction between components of blade engine accounting mechanical links that remains in gas flow. Analysis has been made with 2D mathematical model of homogeneous blade row. The study shows investment of aerodynamic forces to development of self-induced vibration. Basic conclusions put into a real object and the paper shows computations and plots for the object.

Keywords: aircraft engine; compressor; blade wheel; flutter; mathematical model; Campbell diagram

Kuz'michev V. S., Kulagin V. V., Krupenich I. N., Tkachenko A. Y., Rybakov V. N.

Gas turbine engine initial-stage design tasks are examined. Examples of bypass engine optimization for long-range aircraft are given in two variants: without gas generator restrictions and with a given gas generator. The examples of parameters selection for gas turbine power-plant and gas turbine locomotive are given.

Keywords: gas turbine engine; optimization; design process; parameters selection; engine control

Control systems

Obnosov B. V., Ochkovsky A. A.

The problem of choosing optimal parameters of the television guidance system at the design stage is considered. As an optimization method was chosen as a modified non-gradient random search.

Keywords: guided bomb; guidance system

Navigation systems

Podkorytov A. N.

The use of pseudophase measurements ambiguity resolution procedure for Precise point positioning (PPP) in Global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) is considered in the article. Specific conditions for implementation of ambiguity resolution procedure in absolute mode of point positioning have been determined. Results for PPP tests using ambiguity resolution of pseudophase measurements (Integer PPP mode) compared with PPP tests without one (Float PPP mode) are shown in the article. There are considerable improvement in accuracy of positioning and essential reducing of convergence period for Integer PPP mode. Necessary products of network solution from Natural Resources Canada (Geodetic Survey Division, Earth Sciences Sector) were used.

Keywords: GNSS, PPP, Integer PPP, pseudophase measurements, ambiguity resolution, integer ambiguity

Latyshev V. V.

The main concepts of differential geometry are considered. It is shown how the choice of coordinate system naturally leads to the coordinates being estimates of parameters of exponential family of density probability distributions. The orthogonal decomposition of the observable data is considered, allowing to reduce dimension of the space of observations and at the same time to keep amount of Fisher’s information on estimated parameters. The results of numerical modeling of procedure of reduction of dimension for a signal in the form of Gold's 7-bit code are presented. The time delay and Doppler shift are considered as the parameters.

Keywords: fisher’s information; signal parameter estimation; information metrics; affine connections; duality

Instrument making

Zakharyan R. R., Mologorsky A. A.

The aim of this study is to develop and test an automated test bench for the study of indications from the sensors (in the case of pressure sensors) using a personal computer. In practice, a prototype of the hardware and software can be used for automated testing of multiple sensors, and computer analysis of results, with the result that the program automatically selects the most appropriate sensor.

Keywords: stand, sensor, automation

Electrotechnology. Electromechanics

Kirillov V. Y., Slipachenko A. A.

The development of air borne equipment systems is characterized by rigid requirements to the weight component. These requirements are determined by the ever increasing detalization of project and the mutual associativity of the air borne systems and the modules` models of the projected item. The most essential task while projecting an aircraft is finding the methods which allow of carry out end-to-end design of an aircraft`s electrical equipment from drafting of schematic circuit diagrams to development of the 3D models of harnesses in the general assembly model and the compiling of a suite of documents describing the preproduction engineering process.

Keywords: scheme; plait; onboard cable network; methods; model; system

Zhegov N. A., Kirillov V. Y.

There is the analysis of the susceptibility of the spacecraft onboard cable to electromagnetic interference in microwave range in case susceptibility of separation cable expounded in present paper. The cable exposed in several stages with following control of integrity unified pyrotechnic device. Installation and the schema of research is presented.

Keywords: electromagnetic field; screened cable; electromagnetic hindrance

Technical cybernetics. Information technology. Computer facilities

Andrianova E. G., Krukov D. A., Petrov A. B.

Thepaper presents the realization of error correcting codes in the integrated circuits microcomputer systems with limited resources, such as SMART-card, RFID-tags, etc. Proposed coefficient of efficiency and memory memory usage for the Hamming code.Alternatively the well-known Hamming codebeen proposed solutions, based on noiseless coding of Reed-Solomon codes, as well as theLRC-code.

Keywords: smart; rfid; hamming code, reed-solomon code; lrc-code

Vazhenin N. A., Kirianov I. A.

In article codes with low density parity checks (LDPC) are considered. The description of algorithms of decoding is resulted. The imitating model on which research of algorithms was conducted is described. As in article results of modeling are presented.

Keywords: telecommunications; coding; LDPC; modeling

Radio engineering. Electronics. Telecommunication systems

Yudin V. N.

The problem of optimization of radio-electronic suppression of a radio-electronic watch facility is considered. It is shown that criteria functions for such tasks is perspective to build on the basis of the information indicators of uncertainty defined as entropy of a posteriori distributions of probabilities of parameters, measured by results of supervision.

Keywords: radio noise; optimum counteraction; detection; a posteriori distribution of probability; entropy; quantitative assessment of uncertainty of the fact of presence of object; entropy indicators

Economics and management

Kozhevnikov A. S.

We consider models which describe stock price evolution of aircraft industry. The problem of finding the probability characteristics of these stock prices is studied in this paper. The universal algorithm based on the use of Monte Carlo method is developed for statistical modeling of the stock prices. The software based on the developed algorithm is described and allows to set the parameters of the models, to simulate the paths of random processes and to calculate the statistical estimates of the probability density, expectation and variance, to plot these characteristics.

Keywords: stock of aircraft industry; Bates model; Merton model; Monte Carlo method; simulation; stochastic system; software; jump-diffusion process

Ruzakov M. A., Serpichev A. I.

This article contains research for applying strategic management methods of program-technical potential of enterprise information system, recording to aspect of applicability of them for the aviation enterprise. It also contains survey of actual methods to apply information technologies in management. We explore dependence of management system evolution strategy components, according to program-technical aspects. Is introduced model for strategic management of program-technical potential of management system.

Keywords: program-technicalpotential; information system;management; information technology; information strategy

Makhorin A. O.

In this article there are considered some classes of problem-specific cutting planes that can be used on practical solution of scheduling problems based on modeling disjunctive resources with the branch-and-bound technique.

Keywords: scheduling problem; disjunctive resource; mixed integer linear model; branch-and-cut method

Manturov D. V., Klochkov V. V.

Organizational problems of Russian aircraft industry and applied research strategy elaboration are considered. The principles of technological development complex strategic planning system are justified.

Keywords: aircraft industry; applied science; strategy; organization; management; advanced research

Bazadze N. G., Shelenkova E. V.

In this article authors revealed problems of the aircraft manufacturing industry in innovative development of reorganization and formation of corporate structures. As the solution of the revealed problems the offer on creation of organizational communications of new type for the aircraft manufacturing corporate educations corresponding to today's policy of modernization of an aircraft manufacturing complex was created. In policy of modernization of aircraft industry the essential role belongs to leaders of new generation, development of which organizational competences start to be formed already in the course of training in profile space higher education institutions.

Keywords: aircraft manufacturing industry; organizational changes; organizational communications; personnel potential of aircraft industry; aviation equipment; a kompetentnostny approach in space higher education institutions; corporate structural educations

Кalugina G. A., Milodanova J. A.

This paper detects the main key elements of operation and development world leading aviation engine corporations. Marks out prospective direction of conjuncture conditioned strategy transformation of Russian aviation engine enterprise. Develops the basis cooperation scheme between customer and original engine manufacturer to provide product supply in time according to the contract.

Keywords: strategy of transformation; aviation engine; product proposal; market conjuncture; cooperation

Babenko E. A.

This article coves the development and the research of the agent-based model of competition players (companies) in high-tech products’ market by the example of the major aircraft manufacturers of combat aviation. It explores the dynamics of oligopolistic competitive situations caused by the companies’ actions in high-tech sector of the market, in order to select the most promising strategy for the company to maximize its profit.

Keywords: theoretical-game model, satisficing game theory, competitive strategy, conflict resolution in the high-technology market, multiagent system

Vinokurov I. V.

Article provides an overview on economic situation in industry field. Economic situation examines from the point of view of necessity and opportunity large scale technological modernization of Russian manufactures. Assessed of using mechanism of centralization import equipment’s in historical retrospective Soviet Union period and showed necessity using resembling mechanism in a market economy nowadays. It was described not previously used in the manufactures mechanism of group buying, which can became a driver of modernization of Russian industry manufactures.

Keywords: import; equipment; industry; modernization; group import; group buying; aircraft industry

Pisarenko V. N.

The new approach to maintainability as to controlled process of operation based on measurement of indexes and parameters of operation, processing of these data, analysis and development of control effect on object of operation is considered.

Keywords: an air miracle; operating time; idle time; expectation; distribution of failures; reliability; control; maintainability

Zelencova L. S.

In this article the questions of formation of the integrated information system of the organization competitivesustainability production in the aviation engines are considered.

Keywords: aircraft engine building; hi-tech production; integration; information systems; competitivesustainability; organization of production

Sobolev L. B.

The network enterprises [1,2] are one of innovative organizational forms of a big business. The similar form takes root in such space corporations, as Airbus, Bombardier, Suchoy. In some works the network enterprises designate also other terms: «virtual enterprises», «the expanded enterprises», etc. As a rule, it is a question of a network of partners (the enterprises, the organizations, separate collectives and people), in common carrying out activities for development, production and sale of a certain production.

Keywords: network enterprise, management, information technologies, innovations, small innovative enterprise

Gribakin V. A., Radionov N. V., Artyemenko I. V., Fadeev A. S.

In the article there are stated questions of expenses distribution for investment programs fi-nancing, allowing to space appointment rockets’ start-up safety increase. There are considered theo-retical and practical aspects of the economic problems of integer programming solution methodic development on the basis of discrete analog of the fastest descent method, allowing to prove the economic feasibility of innovative projects versions choice, which are a part of the innovative-investment program.

Keywords: space appointment rocket; safety; risk; investments; innovations; choice; integer programming

Romanov V. M., Kuznetsova A. Y.

The article considers the economic aspects of R & D management in the space industry, the necessity of introducing AISUP for R & D management, its benefits, and selection criteria.

Keywords: economic mechanism, the management of research and development; ERP; Feasibility Study

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