2003. № 14

Methods and tutorials

Karp K. A., Darnopykh V. V.

The article is devoted to some problems of modern space education at the department "System analysis and control" of Moscow aviation institute (state technical university). The structure of educational programs for space policy and space law are described. The new technologies of open and distance studying process are described also. The article is finished by description of first experience and perspectives.


Mkrtchyan G. A., Vecherinina E. A., Cheprakova L. A.

The types of newly-composed small-sized (succinct) secondary documents obtained by condensing the content of primary source texts, currently in use in information service, are considered. The treatment of the theoretical aspects of the problem, as well as the techniques of work on the source texts in composing the secondary ones, are presented as identical both for professionals working in information networks and for students getting respective training at universities. Besides, in the latter case the treatment of source texts, selecting the valuable information, and the reconstruction of new secondary texts is considered to be a powerful means for teaching the students and for checking the results of training. All the secondary texts named in the paper are adequately described; their definition and basic characteristics, as well as the specific features with which one text differs from another, are presented.


Aviation technics and technology

Kicheev V. E.

A new approach to designing of the compressed shanks is offered. The similarity criterion is produced. The rationality of its application is shown for designing.


Zakharov M. A.

Measurements rotary are analysed () And non-stationary () Derivatives and their complexes on dynamic installations. Expressions of fields of relative speeds of flying device (fd) in oscillatory flight and model fd are determined at his imitation. According to modern model of aerodynamic factors the terminology of derivatives is offered. It is shown, that at motionless model and angular fluctuations of a stream resulting non-stationary derivatives are measured , (with a methodical mistake from horizontal plumage (ph)). In conditions of rotating model and a constant stream complexes are measured (), () (without a mistake from ph). At rotation of model and angular fluctuations of a stream complexes are measured (), () (at inphase fluctuations of model and a stream) and (at antiphase fluctuations). At measurement , With a constant stream and vertical fluctuations of model of a mistake from ph is not present.


Klimov V. V.

Experimental research of convective heat transfer on a central body (plug) of linear aerospike nozzle is submitted. The model consists of a plug nozzle with external expansion flow and two flat supersonic slot-hole nozzles of preliminary (internal) expansion. Hot gas with total temperature 800-1000 К - products of ethanol combustion in air is used as a propulsive medium of model. A calorimetric method has been chosen to measure convective heat fluxes along a surface of truncated plug and in its base area at various nozzle regimes. The research goal is to retrieve empirical data for an evaluation of plug thermal conditions, which can be used to create the nozzle thermal protection in perspective linear rocket engines of reusable space launchers.


Aerospace propulsion engineering

Pismenny V. L.

The concern of creating gas turbine engines for high-speed aircraft is offered. The prospects of developping aircraft engines for different purposes are considered.


Mathematics. Physics. Mechanics

Khrapko R. I.

It is shown that, in reality, a circularly polarized light beam without an azimuthal phase structure carries the double angular momentum in comparison with the prediction of the standard Maxwell electrodynamics. So, the electrodynamics is not complete. A spin tensor is introduced into the electrodynamics.


Technical cybernetics. Information technology. Computer facilities

Rybackov K. A.

The software to solve the control theory problems is considered. The purpose and interaction of the basic program units and the possibility of the automated algorithm generation in a spectral domain for some control theory problem classes when using interactive generator are given.


Kudinov N. A., Kondakov S. A.

The article is devoted to the problem of corporate software source code normalization. Authors introduce indicators of matching producing software to corporate standards, useful to quality assurance control, and present corporative source code normalization system composition algorithm.


Radio engineering. Electronics

Chikin A. V.

In this paper a method of solving the estimation linear signals problem is proposed. The problem is complicated with nonparametric apriory uncertainty and has much number of applications to wireless communication.


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