2003. № 12

Technical cybernetics. Information technology. Computer facilities

Bobrovnikov A. E.

Construction aspects of a testing system with frame hierarchy structure of subject Web-site in Internet are described in this article. The offered model frame hierarchy of subject of any matter allows to lead the remote control of knowledge. Thus, process of testing will vary dynamically depending on results of answers to questions. In this article you can find description of the toolkit for construction of subject filling. Structure of a web-site of testing system realizing offered architecture of construction of frame hierarchy testing systems is described.


Vinogradov V. I., Kudinov N. A.

The corporate standardization of the source code problem and the outline of the monitoring system of the corporate standardization's requirements observance for the projects with use of the Oracle Designer's product are being viewed (taken up, considered) in the article.


Humanitarian and social studies

Welmogko I. N.

Analyzes the state Duma`s work of 4convocation on the national question in article "The highest representative body of the Russian Empire: the experience of low creation on the national question. The publication covers more than a 10-year period since 1906 to 1917. The events, which had a great influence on the following development of our country, took place on Russia at that time. The deputies of the Duma were forced to advert to the national problems of numerous nations of the Russian Empire because of the worsening of political situation in the state. The experience research of the law creation on the national question of the highest Russian representative body at the beginning of 20th century is still actual at present nowdays.


Aviation technics and technology

Shnyryov A. G.

Analysis of main technical characteristics for agricultural aircraft. Analysis of agricultural aircraft designs. Analysis of expected operation conditions and technical requirements influence on initial design parameters.


Churkin V. M., Serpicheva E. V., Silantiev V. M.

We make non-linear analysis of free oscillation of parachute system (PS) at the stage of descent having respect to payload aerodynamic characteristics. The results of theoretical calculations are compared with results of numerical integration of PS motion equations.


Pismenny V. L.

The calculation of the working line of the gas ejector in the system of the turboejector engine is given. The characteristic of the gas ejector in the system of the gas-turbo engine is illustrated. The characteristic is first defined.


Economics and management

Bitushan A. E.

Description not available.


Navigation systems

Malyshev V. V., Kurshin V. V.

The task of navigation of the air consumer in real time is solved by digital maps and GLONASS/GPS/WAAS equipment. It is offered to use in the onboard computer the display reacting to pressing - touch-screen. Is developed and the concept of construction of the software for the onboard navigating computer functioning in real time and processing the data on the current coordinates of object is realized. The navigation of the air consumer is carried out including on terminal cards at landing the plane.


Kurshin V. V.

The task of debugging and testing of navigating algorithms of the air consumer using measurement of satellite systems GPS/WAAS/GLONASS is solved. With this purpose the technique of debugging and testing of navigating algorithms was offered. For a possibility of realization of repeated debugging the special hardware-software complex of testing of navigating algorithms and appropriate technique was developed. At testing algorithms is applied both simulation modeling, and real satellite measurements.


Radio engineering. Electronics

Yudin V. N., Nguen Z. H.

A synthesis of algorithms for acceptance of the solution about the trajectory of air objects base on observed data from radar.


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