2001. № 5

Материалы научной конференции студентов Московского государственного авиационного института (технического университета) "Социокультурные исследования и социальные изменения", 14 апреля 2000 г.

Humanitarian and social studies

Vasilyeva A. O.

Here are shown the definitions and typology of the conflict of roles, peculiarities of its studying in sociology, and some practical recommendations of its getting over.


Grigoryeva U. G.

There is a project of ethnographical research of gypsy culture in the article. The main results consist of describing and analyzing mechanism of cultural saving in gypsy community in Russian Federation.


Kozhanov A. A.

This is a methodological analyze of naturalistic paradigm in sociology as the main concept of scientific explanation. The idea is that effective using of any sociological scheme is absolutely impossible without understanding of deep logic of scientific conclusions. Or as M. Meterlink wrote: "There is no miracles except the truth..."


Kondrashova M. V.

Associative experiment is a method of language structure analysis applying in sociology and social psychology. Here are shown basic theoretical conditions and practical possibilities of using this method for language structure studying within a community.


Maksaeva U. V.

Here is shown the main sociological approaches for "fashion" studyings as a sociocultural phenomena. There is also given mechanisms of collective and individual behavior regulations in article.


Mogilyeva E. V.

The article dedicated to some aspects of practical activity in Public Relations. The author emphasize the importance of adequate scientific definition of what PR is.


Nechepurenko U. S.

The author gives a try to show the stages of Russian civil society becoming since very beginning until now underlying the character and problems of this contemporary process.


Razdorskaya A. A.

The article grounds on author's sociological research taken for empirical verifying hypotheses of changing the social position of women in Russian society transformations.


Chaushyan M. P.

The article is dedicated to problem of social action as basic definition in sociology and from the point of view a prominent German philosopher and sociologist Urgen Habermas. Here also shown the perspective direction of social action studying.


Chernov I. V.

Anomie is a social disorder, sharp social problem and actual subject for sociology. This article consider the causes of social anomie aggravating in Russian society.


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