2008. № 32

Social sciences

Philatov V. A., Chuksina O. V.

The slang phraseological norm mobility degree possibility is considered in this article. Normal tibs of British, American, Australian and Canadian English areal praseological units , their structure and semantics, linguistic and extralinguistic factors are analized.

Keywords: fraseology, standard, slang, mobility

Space technics and technology

Pichulin V. S., Luk'yanik V. U., Soboleva A. U.

In connection with occurrence of a real opportunity of realization of interplanetary expeditions for the good physical form, health and high working capacity of cosmonauts it is necessary be ready to use with the traditional methods, new preventive means of adverse influence of weightlessness - a centrifuge of short radius (CSR), creating artificial gravitation. However imitation of physiological effects of the gravitation created on CSR is necessary to estimate quantitatively, in connection with distinctions of the nature of artificial and natural gravitation. There is the theoretical substantiation of a choice of a human's pose and parameters of rotation for using CSR as adequate hydrostatic model of terrestrial gravitation in the article.

Keywords: artificial gravity, centrifuge of short radius, preventive maintenance of adverse influence of ghtlessness, hydrostatic model, pressure, hydrostatics

Aerospace propulsion engineering

Ionov D. A.

In the present paper was made an optimal algorithm research of Gas Turbine engine's technical state diagnostic. New criterion functions for fours most active modules were taken with the help of regression analysis and allows appraising engine's technical state by the meaning of based-measured parameters. Developed algorithm allows to move to engine's technical state exploitation throw the whole life circle.

Keywords: gasturbine engine, technical state, diagnostics, functional parameters, regressive model

Ionov D. A.

The authors has been viewed method of getting ultimate air excess factor by staff - measured engine operation factors which are taken into consideration engines unit performance degradation, during its operation. In this article is shown comparative analysis of turbo - jet engines management efficiency of afterburning conditions between traditional, program control and proposal.

Keywords: afterburning combastion chamber, staff-mesuared parameters, coefficient of summary air surplus, controlling law algorithm of calculation, regression model

Borovik I. N., Kozlov A. A.

In the article the mathematical model of an estimation of mass characteristics oxygen-hydrogen expander cycle liquid rocket engine on its basic design parameters is considered. Results of the research a degree of influence of each of the basic design parameters (mass flow rate, oxidizer to fuel ratio, nozzle expansion ratio and chamber pressure) on weight characteristics of oxygen-hydrogen expander cycle liquid rocket engine made by means of developed model is shown. Operational effectiveness extendible nozzle cone for increase in specific impulse expander cycle liquid rocket engine is shown. The analysis of data received on model (on an example of engine RD-0146) has allowed to formulate recommendations on further perfection expander cycle liquid rocket engine.

Keywords: liquid rocket engine, expander cycle, upper stage, orbital transfer vehicle, specific impulse, combustor chamber, turbopump ,extendible nozzle, basic design parameters


Vinnikov V. V., Ganiev K. O., Reviznikov D. L., Cheredov V. V.

This article provides description of developed algorithmic and program complex for mathematical modeling of stirring processes in enclosed domains and ducts. Various methods of admixture tracking are implemented. Program complex is tested on representative set of problems. Comparison of contour and marker methods is carried out. It is shown that contour method is most accurate and highly resource consuming, as opposed to economical lower precision marker method. A genuine dipole method is proposed as a compromise between high accuracy of contour method and low computational expenses of marker method.

Keywords: Homogenization processes, stirring machines, mathematical modeling of stirring, marker method, contour method, criteria of stirring quality

Radio engineering. Electronics

Bolshov O. A.

In this article the matter concerning the evaluation of the speech information protection against unsanctioned access is considered and some conditions are defined for which the information safety appears to be sufficient.

Keywords: threshold signals, signals of telecommunications

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