2008. № 31

Methods and tutorials

Pavlovets I. I., Chuksina O. V., Janovskaya G. S.

The article is devoted to the description of the language material for the English course in the technical university. Principles of lexicon selection are listed. The characteristic of general scientific lexicon and the terminology used in aviation materials is given. The grammar for reading and speaking is specified.

Keywords: training, English, technical institute

Chuksina O. V., Janovskaya G. S.

This article discusses some theoretical questions and gives methodical recommendations for teaching students at technical higher educational establishments to abstract and annotate texts on specialty in foreign language. The algorithm of training is provided. The authors list exercises for development of text compression skills.


Philatov V. A., Chuksina O. V.

This article is the investigation of phraseological norm components as a phraseology level language category and its slang massive. This phenomen is shown as a language category of English language and its territorial varieties. The peculiarities of semantics and structure in the field are also studied.

Keywords: fraseology, norm, sea slang, semantics, structure, varieties

Philatov V. A., Chuksina O. V.

This article is a try to analyze British Air Force sublanguage slang norm as a special slang part of the English language. The semantic and structural peculiarities, lacunas and microsystem components of the subject are described.

Keywords: fraseology, norm, slang, air force, England

Social sciences

Welmogko I. N.

The article "Soviet government economic policy peculiarities in the middle of XX century" provides the analysis of the main tendencies of the economic development in the USSR in the past century. The alteration of economic policy starts with the attempt to limit the heavy industry production amounts, to increase the production rates of the national consumption goods and the acceleration of the farming development in the country, which for the long period served a non-repayable donor of the industry. The economic policy priorities shift and orientation on social development favored life conditions of Russian people to increase. However economic persisted to develop unevenly and extensively, attempts to reform we inconsistent being purely administrative in nature.

Keywords: the administrative in nature, the alteration of economic policy, the main tendencies of the economic, the priorities, the farming development, the production rates, the heavy industry production, the social development, the economic, the economic policy, the economic development, extensively

Aviation technics and technology

Dorogov A. V.

This paper is dedicate to factors which are necessary for taking into account at calculation of mass characteristics of fuselages for manned and unmanned transport planes civil application. Author developed of formula for calculation of mass characteristics of a fuselage of the unmanned transport aircraft having vertical take off and landing capacity. The formula allowing operatively estimate influence of design parameters on mass characteristics of a fuselage.

Keywords: unmanned, transport, vertical tack off and landing, fuselage

Space technics and technology

Zernov V. I., Paramonov A. P.

In clause considers questions of forecasting of efficiency of modernization of the space-rocket techniques, connected with an estimation of economic and technical parameters of quality of development. Results of the researches connected with the analysis of experience of application of expert system during search of technical decisions, providing the maximal profitability of the project of modernization of a complex are resulted. Efficiency of a method of search of rational decisions proves to be true at research of updating of a booster rocket with use of the expert system, allowing estimating profitability of the project of modernization of a space-rocket complex at the initial stages of design development.

Keywords: Modernization of a space-rocket complex, updating of a booster rocket, expert system, criteria of efficiency, rational design decisions, estimation of efficiency, profitability of the project, the comparative analysis, alternative variants, decision-making

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