Analytical model for graphic images processing in the city life-support systems for objects damages detection

System analysis, control and data processing


Alekseev V. V.*, Lakomov D. V.**

Tambov State Technical University, 106, Sovetskaya, Tambov, 392000, Russia



The article studies the possibility of application of the updated Canny algorithm supplemented with Robinson operator for images objects recognition and integrity violation detection of construction and housing and municipal services objects by an unmanned aerial vehicle in automated mode. It also describes Gauss filter application for the image blur, as well as special cases of boundary conditions for image pixels. The impact of the standard deviation value when blurring images on the image itself is demonstrated. The article describes a mathematical model of image analysis, based on the Robinson operator, and other applicable mathematical operators for embedding gradient values in image pixels. The Robinson operator, by convolution of the original image in four directions, allows more accurate search for the contour, compared to the other operators (Roberts, Sobel, Pruitt, Gauss, Laplace), which use only two directions of convolution. The results of this method studies while processing images of various objects of housing and communal services in the IR range are presented. Typical images of various objects in the infrared range were taken: transformer substations, electrical cables and sockets, heating pipes, heating mains, factory pipe, heat pipe, distribution panel, communication lines, a general picture of the city from the drone. Inferences were drawn the advantages and disadvantages of this analytical model, as well as the features of this model while the analysis of both clear and blurred images and the main obstacles in the images analysis. Based on this study, recommendations on the algorithm parameters selection are given. The conclusions made in this article can be employed in technical vision systems, as well as in decision support systems used to identify the damage to the analyzed objects in the field of urban planning and housing and communal services, as well as in other areas (Geology, agriculture and many others).


recognition, image, image, contour algorithm, Canny, operator, Robinson, uncertainty


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