Simulation model of high-speed Angara communication network with kD-tor topology

DOI: 10.34759/trd-2019-109-22


Simonov A. S.

Scientific Research Center of Electronic Computing Technology, 125, Varshavskoye shosse, Moscow, 117587, Russia



The article describes the implementation and experience in application of a simulation model of the Angara high-speed communication network, designed to build multiprocessor computing systems with high performance scalability on its basis.

The studies performed with the simulation model allowed working-out basic solution on the router micro-architecture; algorithms of its components operation; a batch format; basic operation; routing and arbitration algorithms; perform optimization of the router architecture parameters, including basic relation on throughput capabilities, network connectiveness, memory buffers size; balance throughput capabilities of the router components, and perform verification of the custom ASIC. Based on the results of the simulation, the final technical appearance of the router was formed, implemented both in custom ASIC and in Angara communication network equipment based on it.

The experience gained can be employed to create perspective samples of network equipment.


simulation modelling, communication network


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