Research of elastic wing leading edge flap working capacity under action of external loadings

Aviation technics and technology


Zagordan A. A.



In an effort to improve the wing aerodynamic characteristics of a deck basing aircraft MiG-29K, the Russian Aviation Corporation MiG has developed a wing leading edge flap, consisting of three sections along wing span axis.
Flap parts deviation is provided by twelve mechanisms of a flap chord curvature. Flight and static tests revealed insufficient rigidity of the third section in neutral position. The mathematical model of flap elastic deformable third section was proposed to describe a pattern of wing leading edge flap work under action of external forces and to determine the loadings affecting the parts of mechanisms. EULER software was employed to create the model. Simulation results have allowed to draw the number of conclusions.


three-section wing leading edge flap; the mechanism of a curvature of a chord; arms; a kinematic stop

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