Thermal control microsystem for small spacecrafts

Space technics and technology


Anurov A. E.



One of the upward trends in satellite-borne equipment for space engineering is shrinkage while providing better functionality and longer lifetime. However, new problems occur such as thermal protection and thermal conditions of equipment being operated in cosmic space, that strongly effect on cost and reliability. Masses and dimensions of heat-sink cooling systems are rather high even under shrinking of aerospace equipment (satellite-borne equipment, microplatforms, nanosatellites and ets.). In this connection, it is seemingly attractive to utilize resent technologies and, first of all, MOEMS, that provide innovative problem solving in the technical contradiction mentioned. In this paper, a prototype and manufacturing technology are presented of domestic thermal control microsystem for micro- and nanosatellites. The prototype is made in terms of technical level analysis of foreign thermal control designs for small spacecrafts. Also, a calculation of project cost efficiency is given, estimated results and benefits are presented.


spacecraft; microsystem technology; microoptoelectromechanical system (MOEMS); surface micromachining; actuator; thermal control; variable emittance coating (Vari-E).

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