Onboard operatively advising expert system for long-range air combat one on one on board maneuverable aircraft

Aviation technics and technology


Archipova O. V.

e-mail: archipovaolgane@rambler.ru.


The basic version of board promptly advising expert system of long-range air combat one on one is based on the results of mathematical research of individual fragments of long-range air combat. In the given work the knowledge base of expert system is described and simulated air combat for long-range duel situations with different initial conditions. Knowledge Base intelligent system constructed by a hierarchical principle, using the production rules and operatively solve game problems. It is aimed at solving problems in long-range duel situation of air combat in the counter and counter-intersecting courses under a single missile launches from each aircraft, using optimal spatial offensive and defensive maneuvers, choosing the optimal time of launch rockets and the moments of interference information systems of the enemy. Modeling a number of typical combat situations gives an opportunity to make a game matrix outcome of the battle, which demonstrates the effectiveness of selected strategy of action for the fighter aircraft in a long distance air missile battle, as well as to optimize an image of knowledge base for the crew intelligence support system.


intelligent system support; expert system;distant air fight; knowledge base structure; problem subsituation;recommendations to the pilot; logic of work «the pilot - onboard equipment»; simulation; criterion of an estimation of efficiency


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