Solid propellant attitude control motor using in prospective manned spacecraft emergency rescue system

Aerospace propulsion engineering


Boldyrev S. V.*, Ovchinnikov A. G.**, Merkulova E. V.***



The present article is reviewing the solid propellant attitude control motor and its using for the emergency rescue system of a new generation manned transport spacecraft. In case of the accident in the I step flight area, while launching a new generation manned transport spacecraft from Vostochny space centre, application of the solid propellant attitude control motor allow: – to use configuration of aerodynamically and statically unstable launch abort vehicle; – to ensure the emergency rescue system mission and, in particular, for putting the descent vehicle in a dedicated near launch site at the proper time of starting landing system.


solid propellant attitude control motor; emergency rescue system; prospective manned spacecraft; launch abort vehicle.

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