Methodological support for calculation of the thermal protection characteristics of HA

Aviation technics and technology


Korobkov A. A.



During performance of the competitive work the following analyses were carried out: analysis of HA functioning conditions, analysis of problem situation of HA projecting and methods for definition of HA movement parameters. Mathematical model and definition procedure for basic movement parameters of a long atmospheric flight HA. Evaluation of aerodynamic heating parameters of HA surface and warming of HA thermal protection was carried out, developed evaluation methodology for thermal protection parameters of HA lateral surface makes it possible on the basis of trajectory-ballistic parameters and heat flow size to define thermal protection parameters of HA lateral surface in total considering dependence of thermal characteristics of heat-shielding materials on thermobaric parameters.


aeroballistics; aerodynamic heating; hypersound aircraft; heat flow; thermal protection; thermobaric parameters; thermotensions

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