Design of fan blisk with hollow blades for high-bypass turbofan engine

Aerospace propulsion engineering


Korotygin A. A., Bagrov S. V., Pyatunin K. R.*

United engine corporation (UEC), 16, Budyonny avenue, Moscow, 105118, Russia



Bypass ratio increase is one of main tendencies in aircraft engines industry. These changes bring about greater size and mass wide-chord blades usage. One of the competitive ways of the problem decision is a design of hollow titanium blades. In this work are researched existing designs and revealed their advantages and flaws. Also original blisk with hollow titanium blades design is offered and technology of manufacturing is developed. In project is used 3D aerodynamics and strength design.


turbofan engine; fan; blisk; hollow blade; mechanical machining; electrochemical machining; friction welding; 3D aerodynamics

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