Computer simulation of "vortex ring state" mode of main rotor of helicopter.

Aviation technics and technology


Makeev P. V.1*, Shomov A. I.2**

1. ,
2. National Helicopter Center Mil & Kamov, 26/1, Garshina str., Tomilino, Moscow region, 140070, Russia



With the help of software package on the basis of a nonlinear vortex model of helicopter rotor with the free diffusion trace, developed at the department "Design of helicopters" of the Moscow Aviation Institute, carried out comprehensive study of aerodynamics of rotor helicopter at "vortex ring state" mode. For the particular case with three-bladed helicopter rotor, carried out numerically simulated and analyzed a number of modes of steep decline the helicopter, the relevant area of "vortex ring state". Based on the characteristics of the free vortex wake, the vector velocity field, streamlines, and the aerodynamic characteristics of rotor blades and the flapping motion received the combination of features that can determine a dangerous region of the "vortex ring state" mode.


numerical method of study, helicopter rotor, vortex ring state, nonlinear vortex model, aerodynamic characteristics.

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