Hybrid and combined technologies in plastic working of metals

Theoretical engineering. Mechanical engineering


Sapozhnikova J. A., Chernikov D. G.


This scientific paper is concerned with development of hybrid and combined technologies of sheet pressing which use static and dynamic loadings. Unique in world practice technological schemes of a number of operations have been developed, patents of the RF for these schemes have been taken already or are executing. A possibility of use of the multi-purpose finite-element complex ANSYS/LS-DYNA for computer simulation of coupled static-and-dynamic processes has been demonstrated with concrete examples. The technique of computer simulation of coupled problems has been developed; the complex of experimental investigations of processes “stretching – forming” and “bending – flanging”, confirming the advantages of combined operations, has been performed. Within the extent of experimental-and-industrial checking the machining attachment for a number of new technologies developed has been designed and produced, sampling of them has been carried out. Photos of the finished parts produced with these technologies are given. Technical-and-economical advantages of the technologies developed have been formulated.


high-speed methods; pulse-magnetic pressing; hybrid technologies; combined technologies


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