MIG-29K/KUB fly-by-wire system control law for aerial refuelling procedure

Aviation technics and technology


Cheglakov D. I.*, Orlov S. V.

MIG corporation, 6, Leningraskoe shosse, Moscow, 125171, Russia

*e-mail: Dimacheglakov@mail.ru


This paper addresses the fly-by-wire (FBW) system control law design process for the aerial refueling procedure of highly maneuverable aircraft. Some desired qualities of FBW system and methods to support successful docking procedure are highlighted. Results for modeling the dynamics and aerodynamics, mathematical and full-scale simulation, flight tests analysis of aerial refueling are included. Performance of the FBW system was successfully demonstrated by flight tests. Control law presented in this paper is used for the pilot and serial MIG-29K/KUB aircraft.


fly-by-wire system; aerial refueling; docking procedure.


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