Developing and designing of the next generation GTAW orbital weldheads for pipeline jointswith digital prototyping technology.

Space technics and technology


Chichkov S. A.


This article considers developing of special orbital GTAW weldheads and other equipment using digital prototyping. This series of weldheads was specially developed for best quality high speed automated orbital welding of different purpose pipings and tubings in aerospace industry. It can be use on assembling operations and allow toadjust all parameters of welding. Also, some technological problems and solutions of orbital welding are considered, and some other moments of innovation in design and develop of the new generation weldheds, and some advantage and prospects of this line.


orbital welding; arc welding; gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW);tubings and pipings; CAD; weldheads; digital prototype, 3D design, Autodesk Inventor

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