Building a system of strategy-oriented operational management



Belokon A. M.


The article presents the features of the integration contours of the strategic, tactical and operational management of industrial enterprise. The features of constructing a system of goals and key performance indicators (KPI) of enterprise and related industrial and financial model of the upper level of abstraction on the basis of the developed system goals, which is used to predict changes in values of the KPI-indicators of enterprise and scenario analysis of the company. The article gives directions taken as a basis for constructing - Balanced Scorecard, the principles of the theory of automatic regulation and control, methods of system analysis. The features of the various tools of information-analytical systems, such as statistical analysis, simulation, fuzzy logic, knowledge management, and use these tools in the construction of Executive Dashboard, which is the main tool to support operational decision-making, focused on business strategy.


integration; control circuit; strategy, operational management, manufacturing and financial business model

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