Development techniques of acoustic constructions calculating properties determination

Aerospace propulsion engineering


Karimbaev T. D., Klimov D. A., Miktibekov B. , Nizovtsev V. .*

Central Institute of Aviation Motors, CIAM, 2, Aviamotornaya St., Moscow, 111116, Russia



In this article a technique of experimental acoustic constructions (AC) calculating properties determination both in surface layer and comb altitude direction was suggested. Analisis of native and foreign normative materials for AC specimen testing realization was carried out. Methods of testing were studied and specimen sketches for AC calculating properties were suggested. AC specimen calculating properties determination testings had been carried out for: - longitudinal tention in coating surface, - tension and pressing in comb cores altitude direction, - outermost coatings creep in reference to each other, - fatigue and damping.


accoustic constructions; construction safety assurance; sundwich-type construction; perforate coatings; multilayer coatings.

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