Statistical evaluation of the completeness of flight-tests aircraft.

Aviation technics and technology


Balyk V. M.*, Zenkov D. N.



This article deals with actual issue of flight test programming of an unmanned aerial vehicle during its try-out sessions. Also, the article gives insight into evaluation method of flight test completeness. This method could be a pretext for justifyng a nessecity of a new flight test. The method is based on a recovery of a polinomial model from a statistical sample of a telemetry data. The following model will be evaluated by statistical criteria. The main specialty of statistical criteria is in knowing criteria's values for particular cases, when virtually every consistent pattern could be described by the polynomial model. Which means that these criteria could be a measure of completeness for the experimental model as well as a pretext for continuation of a test flight.


statistical synthesis; flight-test aircraft; aerodynamic coefficients; statistical criteria; optimization; polynomial model; statistical sampling.

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