Key operations of automatic near-earth spacecraft flight control systems

Space technics and technology


Zhigastova O. K.*, Pochukayev V. N.

Central Research Institute of Machine Building, 4, Pionerskaya st., Korolev, Moscow region, 141070, Russia



This article discusses four key operations defining the purpose of automatic near-earth spacecraft control procedure: determination of targeting devices operation program, planning of space-time actions, planning of spacecraft devices and systems functioning and spacecraft flight plan realization. It is shown that every of these operations are executed for almost all of automatic spacecrafts functioning on near-earth orbits. The first three of them are informative and define the structure of spacecraft control system. The system which solve the problems of these key operations will be called Information system of automatic spacecrafts flight control support.


flight control system, spacecraft as vehicle, spacecraft key operations, plan of targeting device functioning, plan of space-stime actions, spacecraft flight plan

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