Investigation of Mechatronic Module of Drive with Three-Phase Brushless Motor and 180-degree commutation method

Electrotechnology. Electromechanics


, Krivilev A. V.*, Sitnikova A. V.




The mechatronic module with the digital control system and three-phase brushless dc motor in case of 180-degree commutation method has been investigated. The results are new analytic expressions of proposed approaches, a computer model of the mechatronic module in Simulink, Matlab script files for automation of model simulating and visualizing of results, modules in AHDL for programming in CPLD, minor differences in currents and voltages of phases between simulation results and experiments, torque-speed and efficiency characteristics. The new method has been defined. This method has linear torque-speed and regulation characteristics, and minimal energy losses. It can be recommended for new electric drives.


energy efficient algorithm; digital electric drive; pulse-width modulation; commutation methods; three-phase brushless motor; computer simulation; software; digital signals; voltage; torque-speed characteristics; energy characteristics.

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