Active thermal protection of configuration items of a hypersonic flight vehicle on new physical principles at aerodynamic heating

Aviation technics and technology


Kolychev A. V.

Baltic State Technical University “VOENMEH ” named after D.F. Ustinov, 1, 1st Krasnoarmeyskaya str., Saint Petersburg, 190005, Russia



Objective of this research is working out of the concept of active thermal protection (ATP) configuration items of hypersonic flight vehicle (HFV) on a new physical principle at their aerodynamic heating. In activity the concept which basic feature is the system of thermal protection on the basis of the phenomenon of thermoemission cooling with simultaneous direct transformation of thermal energy of aerodynamic heating to electrical energy is offered. Application offered ATP leads to technical effect which consists that the temperature of heated up unit HFV is essentially reduced, in comparison with a case of its absence and as on board HFV electrical energy which it is possible to direct on maintenance of activity of various onboard special systems is generated.


thermionic issue; electronic cooling; electrical energy; a hypersonic flight vehicle; thermal protection

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