Application of numerical methods for aerodynamics characteristics prediction of aircraft at icing condition.

Aviation technics and technology


Bolshunov K. Y., Babulin A. A.

Irkut Corporation, 68, Leningradskiy prospect, Moscow, 125315, Russia


For assurance of necessary safety and efficiency level of planes flights in an icing conditions it is necessary on an early design stage to define influence on aerodynamic characteristics of the ice which formed on a plane glider. The purpose of the given work – definition of influence of an ice simulators which mounted on a wing leading edge on aerodynamic characteristics of plane MC 21 200. As well the modeling methodology of a flow around the plane in the icing conditions was developed. In the course of work are received integral aerodynamic characteristics and stream parameters on a surface and in space around the model. As well was made comparative calculation of aerodynamic characteristics of plane MS-21-200 for configuration a wing-fuselage with the ice on a wing leading edge and without it. Also is carried out the comparative analysis of results of calculations with results of tests of full model of plane MS-21-200 in WT Т-128 TsAGI. Modeling was made at various Reynolds numbers. Simulations was made with use ANSYS FLUENT software. Results of this work have been used for a choice of an anti-icing system configuration for aircraft MS-21-200.


ice; anti-icing system; shape; calculating; ice simulators; reynolds number.

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