Development of algorithms and model of formation of the distributed wireless communication system for means of antiaircraft short-range defense.

Radio engineering. Electronics. Telecommunication systems


Fedotova E. V.

Design Bureau «Almaz-Antey» named after A.A. Raspletin, 80, Leningradskii prospekt, Moscow, 125190, Russia


Features of application of a communication system impose increased requirements to security and a system noise stability. Therefore in a developed communication system the broadband signals that have been used applied in military a ratio-location still in days of the Second World War. The main advantage of their application that they do difficult signals similar to casual noise. Therefore such signals also have received the name of noise-type signals. Because of high cost of manufacturing of communication equipment it is actual use to imitating models at a design and synthesis stages. The imitating model intended for developing and debugging of algorithms of formation and functioning of the mobile broadbanded wireless communication system, is developed and described in the article. The algorithms fulfilled on model, will be realized in new a communication system.


simulation model; decentralized network; broadband signals; clustering network; synchronization network.

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