Algorithm of processing of the information of is active-passive systems of a complex of the onboard radio-electronic equipment of the plane of front aircraft

Radio engineering. Electronics. Telecommunication systems


1, Ivanov S. L.2*

1. ,
2. MESC Air Force “Air Force Academy named after professor N.E. Zhukovskii and Yu.A. Gagarin”, 54a, Starykh bol'shevikov, Voronezh, 394064, Russia



In work the description of functioning of adaptive algorithm of joint processing of the information onboard radio-electronic equipment and onboard station of radio engineering investigation of the plane of the front aircraft providing support of air targets with different dynamic characteristics on the basis of use for adaptation of decisions on type of the purposes from station of radio engineering investigation is resulted.


onboard radio-electronic equipment; onboard station of radio engineering investigation; complex processing; an adaptive filtration; recognition of the purposes

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