Equipment operational control of surface cleanness Space Rocket technology products.

Space technics and technology


Sutyrin A. A.

Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center, 18, Novozavodskaya St., Moscow, 121087, Russia


When you create the various elements of SRT (fuel tanks, rocket engine, etc.) which contact with the components of the cryogenic fuel surface density of the oil pollution generated after machining of these elements, should not exceed 100 mg/m2. Existing methods of measuring the density of oil pollution is to sampling with controlled surface and subsequent analysis on a fluorometer in the laboratory. The disadvantage of this methods are high on the length of time, difficulty and the use of consumable materials. Studies have shown the ability to create methods and equipment free of these shortcomings.


cryogenic rocket fuel, oil pollution, fluorescence, Space Rocket technology, purity control.

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