Methodological tools for risk assessments of programs and plans realization for aerotechnics development

Aviation technics and technology


Zherebin A. M.*, Kropova V. V., Rusak . A.

State Institute of Aviation Systems, 7, Victorenko str., Moscow, 125319, Russia



Basic provisions of an offered approach to risks estimations of programs of aviation techincs realization are stated; the concept of the environment of network modeling as information and program tools of support and support of researches on an risks estimations and decision-making on risk management locates; results of modeling experiments with use of the developed and program realized pilot version of a complex of an assessment and optimization of temporary and cost parameters of network model of the aviation complex design project are given.


risk, indicators of risk, risk management, risk analysis, project management, work breakdown structure, the network model, stochastic modeling, critical path method, the redistribution of the budget.

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