Modelling of biofuels heat-mass exchange processes in pipelines of aviation heat exchangers

Aerospace propulsion engineering


Yanovskiy L. S.*, Kazakov V. A., Pavlov V. V.

Central Institute of Aviation Motors, CIAM, 2, Aviamotornaya St., Moscow, 111116, Russia



In the article the question of heat and mass exchange processes modeling at a biofuel flow in pipelines of aviation engines’ heat exchangers in conditions of fuel thermal decomposition and coke formation on internal walls of pipelines is considered. Authors offer mathematical dependences on which fuel average parameters’ changes, a thickness of coke adjournment, temperature of a pipeline wall, the degree of decomposition of fuel on a wall, hydraulic characteristics of a fuel stream on length of a pipe can be calculated.


biofuel, heat exchange, mass exchange, thermal decomposition, coking, process model.

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