Method of the ground bench tests on parachute extraction

Space technics and technology


Generozov V. L., Muraviev U. V.

Federal state unitary enterprise "Scientific research institute of parachute design and production" (FSUE "NII parachutostroyeniya"), 2, Irkutskaya str., block 1, 107241, Moscow, Russian


The development of parachute systems having various functions, namely, the space parachute systems designed to descend the vehicles on the planets with an atmosphere stipulates the solution of the parachute extraction out of the canister, pack problem. Up till now this problem has been solved either by computation or on base of full-scale test data, in case such test was possible to be carried out. The present paper data prove the ground bench tests conduction to be real, besides there are given the criteria for the bench test simulation of the extraction device motion parameters similar to those of a full-scale parachute, including a space parachute system

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