Definition of conditions of gauging and structure of complexes of rotary and non-stationary derivatives of the flying device at their measurement in a wind tunnel with imitation of flight lateral movement

Aviation technics and technology


Zakharov M. A.


Methods of measurement rotary and non-stationary derivative lateral movement and their complexes on the dynamic installations established in aeropipes, with linear and angular (around OX and OY) fluctuations of model are submitted. Determined expression of fields of relative speeds and factors of the aerodynamic moments - for flying device (ЛА) in oscillatory flight and for model ЛА at imitation of this flight on installation. Allowable amplitudes of fluctuations of model and a vector of speed of air, allowable values of constant corners of attack and sliding , and also new possible corners are found. Measurements of complexes with new proportions of derivatives (and also only with rotary derivatives and ) in structure of complexes are offered.

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