Research of conditions of measurement rotary and non-stationary Derivatives on dynamic installations in wind tunnels

Aviation technics and technology


Zakharov M. A.


Measurements rotary are analysed () And non-stationary () Derivatives and their complexes on dynamic installations. Expressions of fields of relative speeds of flying device (fd) in oscillatory flight and model fd are determined at his imitation. According to modern model of aerodynamic factors the terminology of derivatives is offered. It is shown, that at motionless model and angular fluctuations of a stream resulting non-stationary derivatives are measured , (with a methodical mistake from horizontal plumage (ph)). In conditions of rotating model and a constant stream complexes are measured (), () (without a mistake from ph). At rotation of model and angular fluctuations of a stream complexes are measured (), () (at inphase fluctuations of model and a stream) and (at antiphase fluctuations). At measurement , With a constant stream and vertical fluctuations of model of a mistake from ph is not present.

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