About Weariness of Durability of the Blade of the Carrying Screw of the Helicopter at Action of Wind Loadings

Aviation technics and technology


Bratoukhina A. I.

Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University), 4, Volokolamskoe shosse, Moscow, А-80, GSP-3, 125993, Russia


Clause is devoted to consideration of a question about pressure in the unrotative blade and cartridge of the carrying screw of the helicopter under action of wind loadings. The assumption is made, that the helicopter is on parking and his(its) screw does not rotate. The account was carried out for the carrying screw with out gimbal by fastening of blades. The task about the own and compelled fluctuations of the blade of the helicopter is solved. The deformations and internal efforts (bending moments and pressure in longeron of the blade) are determined. The analysis of results is carried out and the influence fix of the blade in ground conditions of operation is appreciated.


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