Comparative analyses of the peculiarities of the operational process in LRE combustion chambers with coaxial-jet and jet-centrifugal injectors using numerical simulation

Aerospace propulsion engineering


Mosolov S. V., Sidlerov D. A.*, Ponomarev A. A.**

Keldysh Research Centre, 8, Onezhskaya str., Moscow, 125438, Russia



The numerical simulation method, developed in Keldysh Research Centre, is used for the research of the influence of interaction of jets from the injectors on flow, mixing and propellant combustion processes in sub-scale multiinjector combustion chambers. Sub-scale combustion chambers using coaxial-jet and jet-centrifugal injectors, operating to the gas-liquid scheme and propelled by oxygen and hydrocarbons (kerosene) are considered.


combustion chamber; liquid rocket engine; numerical simulation

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