Improving the memory reliability in personal identification microcomputer systems

Technical cybernetics. Information technology. Computer facilities


Andrianova E. G.1*, Krukov D. A.2**, Petrov A. B.1***

1. Moscow State Institute of Radio Engineering, Electronics and Automation (Technical University),
2. MIREA - Russian Technological University, 78, Vernadsky prospect, Moscow, 119454, Russia



Thepaper presents the realization of error correcting codes in the integrated circuits microcomputer systems with limited resources, such as SMART-card, RFID-tags, etc. Proposed coefficient of efficiency and memory memory usage for the Hamming code.Alternatively the well-known Hamming codebeen proposed solutions, based on noiseless coding of Reed-Solomon codes, as well as theLRC-code.


smart; rfid; hamming code, reed-solomon code; lrc-code

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