Small satellite "Mikhail Reshetnev". Results of operation

Space technics and technology


Zimin I. I.*, Valov M. V.**, Yakovlev A. V.***, Galochkin S. A.****

Compani «Information satellite systems of academician M.F. Reshetnev», 52, Lenin str., Zheleznogorsk, Krasnoyarsk region, 662972, Russia



This article presents the operation results of the small satellite of scientific and experimental goals – the “MiR” satellite, which was create for testing a number of JSC “ISS” engineering developments and its partners.
The small satellite “MiR” based on the unpressurized unified space platform “Yubileyniy”. The Lifetime of the small satellite is one year. The mass is 60 kg. Structurally the satellite consists of the unpressurized hexagonal equipment module and three transversal honeycomb panels – upper, middle and lower. The upper panel contains the payload, platform subsystems equipment is installed on the middle panel and the magnetic-gravitational attitude determination subsystem is located on the lower panel (for 3-axial orientation of the satellite). The solar arrays panels (SA) are mounted on the outer surface of the equipment module.
According to the working-out results of devices installed on the “MiR” satellite there is a
decision for their further use in the series satellites developed by the JSC “ISS”.
The experiments performed on-board the “MiR” satellite provided the information and the base ground for the new technical level further development of the satellites which are created in the JSC “Information Satellite Systems” named after academician M.F. Reshetnev”. A part of experimental devices for the “MiR” satellite is manufactured with the participation of students and researchers of the Siberian State Aerospace University (the SibSAU) which is in close cooperation with the JSC “ISS”. Thus, one more task which was implemented in the “MiR” satellite creation, is improving the actual forms of educational and project-and-team preparation of specialists for the JSC “ISS” on the basis of the specialized institution – the SibSAU.


small, space, satellite, experimental, scientific, mir, results, ISS, MKA, yubileyniy

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