Method to Telemetry Data Compression using Binary Arithmetic Coding

Technical cybernetics. Information technology. Computer facilities


Karpenko D. S.*, Maximov I. A.**, Ivanov V. V.***

Compani «Information satellite systems of academician M.F. Reshetnev», 52, Lenin str., Zheleznogorsk, Krasnoyarsk region, 662972, Russia



The new general method of context-sensitive probabilistic compression for measurement data is presented in the paper.
The main aim of designing the new method was an enhancing of stream-transmission efficiency for telemetry and monitoring systems at the cost of data compression.
These results are obtained by simplification and optimization procedures for generating a measurement data compression context and arithmetical coding application as well as computational resources minimization. The binary alphabet together with automatic choice of inverting or non-inverting probability ranges for neighbor bits are applied to arithmetic coding.
The binary implementation with range inversions makes it possible to generalize a compression approach for most measurement data representations: integer, signal, composed and real values. Lossless, lossy, and adaptive compression is also supported.
The proposed method is applicable for measurement data reduction before transmission in remote systems and can be helpful for the developers. The method advantages are high degree of reduction and low resource consumption whereas its disadvantages are the dependence from context and high exactingness to transmitting information in code.
The method is used in Out of Environment Control Hardware algorithms on GLONASS-M spacecrafts. The data was compressed by a factor of 5-10 to source size depending on structure of measured parameters. The method was also successfully tested for supporting power supply and heat regulation systems of GLONASS-M spacecrafts.


telemetry, measurements, binary arithmetic coding, compression context, out environment control hardware, spacecraft


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