An estimation of productivity of the space vehicle expressed in the area of the finished shooting Earth surface, with reliability taken taking into account reliability

Technical cybernetics. Information technology. Computer facilities


Lohmatkin V. V.

Space Rocket Centrе Progress, 18, Zemets str., Samara, 443009, Russia



Parametres of reliability of the spacecraft;
Spacecraft’s performance evaluation expressed in taken images of the Earth surface area with the reliability;
Work out the imitating modeling models and algorithms of influence of onboard supplying systems partial failures and target equipment on parameters of spacecraft target efficiency;
In the article logical-and-probabilistic methods are used for the analysis of onboard systems operability, a method of imitating modeling and a method of statistical tests. The analysis of a statistical material foresees classification of failures concerning target operation of the spacecraft stand-by time. Construction of failures mathematical models is based on the construction of onboard systems failures trees. Construction of failures trees spacecraft of observation is based on the construction of onboard systems failures trees.
On the basis of algorithm for the estimation of shooting productivity, expressed by quantity of finished shooting objects of supervision, the algorithm for the estimation of shooting productivity evaluated by the size of the area.
Results of the conducted research are used at early design stages of the spacecraft. Research results can be used at early stages of onboard systems development and their parameters estimations.
Mathematical models of the onboard systems failures, algorithm of imitating modeling of influence of partial failures on parameters of a spacecraft’s shooting productivity and the corresponding software are developed. By means of the software it is possible to recreate the dependence of the shooting productivity on the spacecraft’s reliability parameters. Such relations allow estimating losses output effect from reliability level of the spacecraft. On the other hand, taking into account onboard systems failures, it is possible to set spacecraft reliability parameters norms.


algorithm, the mathematical model, partial failures, the observation space vehicle


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