Automation of parametrical analysis and optimization of Earth observation systems target functioning

Space technics and technology


Usovik I. V.*, Darnopykh V. V.**

Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University), 4, Volokolamskoe shosse, Moscow, А-80, GSP-3, 125993, Russia



Since the beginning of researches of a near-earth space use of systems of remote sensing of Earth received broad application. The purposes of use of such systems is receiving a complete idea of Earth and processes passing on its surface, in the atmosphere, the hydrosphere, an ionosphere, a magnetosphere, etc. As shows experiment, use of remote-sensing instruments of Earth allows to solve a number of various tasks: from weather forecasting before forecasting of emergency situations. Due to the increase in number of consumers of this information, now there is a process directed on creation of multipurpose satellite systems of remote sensing of Earth, consisting of several spacecraft’s.
This work is devoted to development of program software, for the parametrical analysis and optimization of planning of target functioning of space systems of remote sensing of Earth. Efficiency of use of such systems depends on number of spacecrafts, their orbital parameters, characteristics of the onboard equipment, influence of factors of environment, etc. Limited opportunities for receiving, storage and operational transfer of large volumes of information of Earth received as a result of remote sensing cause need of the solution of a problem of a choice of the optimum design parameters meeting all set requirements and restrictions.
For an assessment of efficiency imitating modeling of functioning of satellite systems of remote sensing of Earth, for the purpose of a choice of the best option by the put criterion was carried out. he first stage of work was development of the concept of the automated program complex, and also development of the software for a various type of the analysis of systems of remote sensing of Earth. At this stage the program interface was developed, modules with various models are developed for an assessment of efficiency of functioning and as debugging of work of a program complex is made.
Carrying out the analysis of functioning of various satellite systems was the second stage of work. The detailed analysis of functioning of 3 satellite systems of remote sensing of Earth was carried out.
Result of the performed work is the program complex, allowing to carry out modeling of functioning of satellite systems of remote sensing of Earth, and also results of the analysis of some systems of remote sensing of Earth.


space assets, earth observation systems, special on-board equipment, parametrical analysis , modeling, optimization, special software, estimation of the system efficiency


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