On radar signals selection on the heterogeneous land surface

Radio engineering. Electronics. Telecommunication systems


Yanakova E. S.

Electronic computing information systems (ELVEES), Prospect 4222, Zelenograd, Moscow,124460, Russia

e-mail: Helen@elvees.com


Solution of high-frequency radar signal processing for adapting the system to the characteristics of the reflecting heterogeneous surface is one of the important problems of modern security radars. This paper deals with software and hardware solutions of the problem of adapting the system under complex correlated noise reflected from homogeneous underlying surface.
The hardware solution is based on the implementation of programmable gates setting up the timing of the receiving and transmitting modules. The software solution is based on a multichannel matched filtering algorithm using a low-pass or band-pass decimating filters. If the time-frequency structure of the received signal is changed, the structure of the processing system will be reconstructed automatically. This hardware and software solutions are applied to the radar «Orwell-R».
Supporting programmable waveform used in radar «Orwell-R» provides the possibility to solve new problems, such as the increasing of the range of the radar with a peak power restriction, the detection of small objects on the background of heterogeneous land surface realized by improving the selection to the Doppler frequency with complex signals, reducing the dead zone to detect nearby objects etc.
Currently, the programmable timing diagram of reconfigurable radars is a new direction in the radar design. This study represents a starting point for further research in the improving of the radar system efficiency. The new approach to the design and configuration of radar systems allows configuring the system according to the customer requirements and the characteristics of the protected object in real time using a programmable waveform and reconfigurable radar signal processing.


radar, heterogeneous underlying surface, digital signal processing


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