Mathematical Model of Spatial Alignment of Interconnect Elements in the Multilayer PCBs of Avionics

Radio engineering. Electronics. Telecommunication systems


Mozharov V. A.

Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University), 4, Volokolamskoe shosse, Moscow, А-80, GSP-3, 125993, Russia



The aim of the work was to develop mathematical model of aligning the interconnect elements in multilayer PCBs to ensure high reliability and improve mass and dimensions parameters of electronic modules of modern aircraft onboard equipment without increasing the cost of final products.
Solution of the research problems was based on the combined use of theoretical methods: the theory of expert evaluations, technological processes design principles, and probabilistic and statistical methods.
A new approach for calculating the pad size in multilayer PCBs of avionics and other critical equipment was proposed, allowing to define the probability of loose connections occurrence in production. A new pad shape was proposed for increasing the PCB trace area.
The results of this work are used for increasing the layout density of modern avionics with its reliability level sufficient for this industry and reduction of the production cost.
A refined mathematical model for calculating spatial alignment of the interconnect elements in multilayer PCBs was developed. The interrelation between the PCB pieces registration system during the pressing and final alignment error was defined.


geometric stability, laminate, printed circuit board, interlayer connections, registration system, pad


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