Effect of Intentional Electromagnetic Interferences on the On-board Cables of Space Vehicles

Electrotechnology. Electromechanics


Kirillov V. Y.*, Tomilin M. M.**

Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University), 4, Volokolamskoe shosse, Moscow, А-80, GSP-3, 125993, Russia

*e-mail: kaf309@mai.ru
**e-mail: emc@mai.ru


Intentional electromagnetic interferences which are generated by special technical devices can cause degradation of performance, disruption of operation modes, total loss of operating capability, and damage of elements, modules, and devices onboard of a space vehicle. Cables, connecting the on-board devices and units, due to their large length and presence in different parts of a space vehicle especially on the outer surface of the space vehicle construction can become the main receivers of intentional electromagnetic interferences. Therefore, it is important to provide the required level of electromagnetic interference immunity of on-board cables. For this purpose one must know values of conducted electromagnetic interferences in the on-board cables and coupled transmission lines of space vehicles whichcan arise because of intentional electromagnetic influence. This problem is considered in this paper.
A theoretical basis for solution of the problem is based on classical electrodynamics and electrical engineering. Theory of functions of complex variable and operational calculus were used also.
The paper present results of evaluation of electromagnetic interferences generated in the on-board cables and coupled transmission lines of space vehicles which can arise because of intentional electromagnetic influences. On the base of these results it can be concluded that under the influence of electromagnetic interferences in the form of directional pulsed electromagnetic field in the on-board cables and coupled transmission lines there could be generated voltages and appropriate currents which can cause damages of the on-board elements and devices of space vehicles.
The paper presents a part of research work devoted to calculation of electromagnetic interferences in the on-board cables of space vehicles.


electromagnetic interference, electromagnetic field, on-board cable, coupled transmission line, spacecraft


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