Application of analytical method of helicopter target sight system pointing accuracy evaluation

Aviation technologies


Belskiy A. B.1*, Sakharov N. A.2

1. ,
2. National Helicopter Center Mil & Kamov, 26/1, Garshina str., Tomilino, Moscow region, 140070, Russia



The subject of research in the proposed article is a method of accuracy evaluation for helicopter target sight system.
The topic of the paper is the application of analytical method of helicopter target sight system pointing accuracy evaluation.
The aim of the article is improvement of helicopter target sight system by means of aiming mark displaying accuracy and comparison the analytical evaluation method with the results of mathematical simulation.
The methods of mathematical simulation were used.
The article presents analytical evaluation method of helicopter target sight system by using aiming mark displaying accuracy, involving initial measurers and pseudo-measures. The method is compared with mathematic model approach. It is concluded that the evaluation results, received by using both methods are closed, but the method, described in the article, allows the user to calculate percentage of primary data error in resulting error. The analytical method, presented in the article, can be used for solution the problem of aiming in the presence of pseudo-measures. Variants of practical use of offered method are also given in the article.
The paper results show that the developed analytical method useful for better description the evaluation of helicopter target sight system by means aiming mark angular data assessment accuracy. Also the percentages of primary errors assessed with analytical method are reliable.
There are several conclusions can be drawn from the paper. Firstly, the use of analytical method in the design of helicopter target sight system allows defining the requirement of source information sensor and its processing algorithms. Secondly, this method helps to detect and apply critical aiming conditions. Thirdly, the mathematical method indentify the reference quantity factor in algorithm of aiming mark in helicopter target sight system for different application conditions.


target sight system, accuracy, analytical method, pseudo-measures, aiming mark, percentage


  1. Komarov A.M. Aviatsionnye pritsel'no-navigatsionnye sistemy (Aircraft sighting and navigation systems), Moscow, Air Force Academy, 2006, 623 p.

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